Colorado Renaissance Festival

Hello everyone!


Today I did something a bit different and went to a Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado. Ok, so when I say a "bit" different I really mean "out of this world" different. I'm not typically your renaissance festival kind of gal but it was time that I checked out to see what Colorado had to offer.

Now, if anything I was more into the scenery than the festival itself. I loved the different colors, textures and decor that made this place have its vintage twist. Everyone was dressed up for the event in bizarre olden time costumes which made me feel completely out of place in my floral sundress. Even the voices and accents were all made up and enjoyable.

Pictured above is the Puke & Snot Pirate Ship stage (the figure in the picture is unreal). The performance was a good laugh even in the scorching heat. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I didn't mind that it was super crowded. More chuckles for the show!

Overall it was great to walk around and be surrounded by such a wonderful environment. Eventually I did get a bit bored because the festival itself was made up of mostly shops and venues to purchase renaissance themed products which I wasn't really into. I'm a modern girl! I also didn't try out the attractions because I felt they were for the younger ones. It was still fun to enjoy the music and shows that were put together by the employees. I wouldn't mind going another weekend just to get away from Colorado Springs. :)

What kind of fun did you have this weekend?