It's Not Over!

As you may have noticed, my blog has sort of been nonexistent lately and I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for it to be like this at all. April was sort of my pausing point due to finals and it was quite hard getting back into the zone. But don't worry, I'm not gone for good! In fact I will be returning very soon but there are going to be tons of changes around here as I need to set some ground rules for myself.

First off, the book club was a great turning point but due to my forgetful memory I haven't been having many discussions on the books at the end of the month as I promised. I'm glad that some of you enjoyed some of the books that was chosen, but as of April there will be no more book club selections.  However,  for those of you who really liked the idea, I will post some cool books that I come across just to share with no commitments!

Secondly, I think it's time that music Monday's come to an end simply because I'm running out of great vibes to share with you all haha! It doesn't mean I won't share any music in the near future as I'm sure some hits will be released, it just won't be as much of a repetition as it was in the past. 

Also, it was a tough school year trying to get my work done and post as often as I can. Usually I'm great at multitasking but at some points it lead to serious stress trying to get some content together. From now on I'm going to require myself to post at least twice a week for you all which seems a lot more reasonable for a busy college student such as myself! 

As of for the past, I do have a few drafts such as the last April Birchbox and Sample Society posts that I'll still get posted and backdated for you guys. Sadly those will be the last of my subscription box adventures. I can't say if it'll be for good but I'm no longer subscribed to any at the moment. My California vacation that took place in June will also be posted and backdated and the same goes for my Florida vacation earlier this month. So don't worry! You won't miss out on everything! I'll be doing tons of updates in the mean time and may even re-introduce my blog as a welcome back for when I'm all set. 

Stay tuned! I'll be back again, I promise!



Relaxation Time in Florida!

Here are a few pictures that I snapped on my phone during my long weeks in Orlando, Florida!

We have mini golf with live gators, a popular visit and must go visit!

Downtown Disney!

And the famous Disney's Animal Kingdom. "It's not a zoo"!

And you cannot miss out on Universal Studios - Orlando!

Sadly I'll have to finish relaxing in Colorado Springs in order to prep for the upcoming school year.

See you all soon!