I was able to attend my orientation yesterday after having to reschedule due to my mom having surgery last month. I had a blast! I definitely give credit to my orientation group leader Josh. Everyone had a great time and it made me even more excited to know that I'll be living there in the matter of a few weeks!

Please excuse my hideous I.D. picture.

I'm just so excited to be able to call myself an official Thunderwolf. I was definitely not looking forward to I.D. pictures but who does? Overall the campus was great to explore once again. It was a scorching 93+ degrees out so hanging outdoors wasn't the best part to look forward to. However during the first week of classes there will be tons of activities to look forward to. Maybe I'll be able to blog about them all if I don't get sidetrack by having so much fun.

Moving in will also be exciting to look forward to. My roommate and I have tons of decorating to do since we'll be living in one of the original/oldest dorms on campus. Boo! But I'm sure we can bring it to life and make it represent us. I'm really excited to get my desk in order. It'll basically be my work space for blogging and homework so I refuse to live dully. I can't wait to get settled in!

Have a great rest of the day!