#ManiMonday Starring Jamberry Nails

Angela McKinney, a lovely friend of my mom who just happened to be a Jamberry Independent Consultant offered me to do a review for Jamberry Nails! I've of course heard of their awesome nail wraps and decided that I would be up for giving it a shot. Above are the two designs that I chose to review. On the right is "Faded Deco" and on the left is "Pickled Paisley". It was really hard to choose just two designs since they were so many to choose from!

I decided to try the "Faded Deco" (pictured above) first since it was my favorite out of the two. The clear sheet backing was a big help to choosing the right size for each nail. I was excited to know that these nail wraps can last up to two weeks which is a great amount of time since my regular polish doesn't seem to last that long. Of course before I jumped right into it I reread the application instructions at least three times and watched the video step by step. I wanted these to turn out perfect so that they'll have a chance to last the full two weeks. I typically don't have the hardest time applying nail wraps but I soon learned that these are not your ordinary nail wraps. 

It was a time consuming process that required many steps which at first seemed easy but turned out to be the complete opposite. The one step I disliked the most was the "heating" process. These are not your normal "peel off and stick on" kind of nail wraps. They require a heat source from either a mini heater or blow dryer for at least 3-5 seconds before applying directly on your nail bed. 

Now a lot of mistakes happened along the way which I can sort of blame myself for since this was my first time. My nail wraps weren't sticking well to my nails after heating so they couldn't last and I ended up having to peel them off and try again with the sizes I had remaining.

I definitely learned from my mistakes and will most likely update with you guys again using my second design choice. Next time I will surely try to heat the wraps much longer than the recommended time frame to not end up with the results pictured above. At $15 per nail wrap sheet, it's a bit pricey to waste but I gotta admit that the designs are exclusive and the variety is amazing. You probably won't find designs like these anywhere else. They also have a nice shine that sort of looks as if I'm wearing top coat but I'm totally not!

If you're an expert with all things nails then I highly recommend to give these a try. I've seen other nail critics whose nail wraps turned out near perfect. Now of course I don't fall in that category so if you're a beginner like me, expect a couple of mistakes or two (if you're lucky), and maybe even a wasted sheet of nail wraps. 

I believe that there are things out there that a worth trying at least once so I won't hesitate to say give these a try! You might like them and have a much more successful manicure than me! Interested? You can check out Angela McKinney's website for Jamberry Nails! :)