Abe's Market - Discover Natural Box

Now this is a really cool box. Abe's Market is basically like your Whole Food's but with so much more.  Everything is natural or organic or just good for you altogether. This specific box is a Discover Natural Box where for only $5 you can choose 3 samples of your choice plus you'll receive a $5 coupon for your next order at Abe's Market (cannot be used towards another discover natural box). Also shipping is free and very fast too!

In my box I chose 3 samples of candy (gummy bears, sour berry bears, and organic jelly beans; all 0.9 oz) from the brand Surf Sweets. I tend to have a sweet tooth but is picky with my candy (just like my food). I learned that all of Surf Sweets candy are all natural and some are even organic which is amazing. They are all made with organic fruit juice, has no artificial colors and flavors, free of corn syrup and GMOS, are made in a nut free facility, gluten free and last but not least have an excellent source of Vitamin C. Now that's some yummy candy.

Also the size packs aren't super tiny, I shared them with my siblings and they loved them. They're really yummy and totally not gross even with being made with only natural ingredients. Also they're low in calories (per pack about 80-90 calories). I highly recommend to people of all ages with a sweet tooth. The bears are chewy but not too hard while even the jelly beans are soft and chewy too. I don't think I've experience one that tasted bad. Overall I think the sour berry bears were the best. Not too sweet but also not too sour.

One thing about the box is that you cannot reorder the same samples again. You'll have the option to buy it full size or you can try some of the other samples. Remember, 3 samples of your choice for only $5! I'll definitely be considering to get these full size since they were super delicious.