Music Monday!

This is the real world

It's a rather pleasant Monday today. Sadly I'm feeling a bit sick but I doubt it's anything major so I'll definitely be better soon. I've been sitting around my room lately thinking up ideas to not only blog about but also have fun with. There's a lot of DIY projects that are popular this season and I think I may want to get myself involved in some crafts keep myself occupied from boredom. I even bought some canvas and paint so I'm totally serious! :)

Today's song for music Monday that I'm introducing is by Paramore! I was a really huge Paramore fan when I was younger but sort of outgrew them once I started high school, however, I really do like this song. It's pretty smooth compared to their older rock songs and the lyrics are catchy. I also really enjoyed the video. The record breaking ideas were pretty cool and looks like a lot of fun which is what I need right now. 

I hope you all are enjoying your Monday!