College Shopping: Target Style!

So, I may have been!

Yes people! That time of the year is already almost here. It's time to get your college (or school) shopping on. I tend to like to shop a bit earlier than most to beat the rush and crazy checkout lines. Can you blame me? Now I know most deals kick in closer to the deadline but it's not so bad to get what you need at maybe a dollar or two more earlier on. Usually there isn't a guarantee that you'll catch the later sale since so many people typically tend to shop around that same time. It would suck if the product you really wanted went out of stock while you were waiting for that sale. Usually that happens to me and I get so aggravated.

However, today I took a stroll into my local Target because I noticed that they were having a pretty great sale on a massive variety of dorm (twin XL) bedding. I didn't want to commit to doing a huge shopping here as there are still other places out there but I decided that it wouldn't hurt to look around and maybe even pick up a few things. 

Their college shop was already up and most items were going so fast since the prices were pretty low. I decided to make this a blog post for those of you who may have a Target nearby. Sales are usually happening weekly so I'm sure something may come up that you may find at a really great price.

I mean c'mon! You can't really beat $16 comforters!

Or $14.99 sheet sets!

After noticing these really great deals I couldn't help getting a couple of things that were on my checklist to CSU-Pueblo. There's a slight chance that I ended up getting way more than what was necessary but at those prices I didn't think it was a bad idea. It's definitely a good idea to shop smart. It's something I highly recommend to anyone. Now I'm not an expert since this is only my first year of college that I'll be starting but so far, retailers such as Target doesn't seem like such a bad idea to get started with. Especially if you like to save money and still have quality and style, I don't see a problem with that at all! 

How are you getting ready for the new school year?