It's always a good a day for a super cute outfit!

So remember that marvelous sale that H&M and Missguided were having about a week ago? Well it's still going on and it's even better at this moment! I also told myself that I wouldn't take part since I needed to save my money but I just couldn't help it. It was nearly too good to pass up. And then I figured, hey, I might as well share at least one outfit with you guys too. Can't pass up an #OOTD post!

Now both pieces of the outfit pictured above are from H&M. I know it sort of comes off as if I ONLY shop at H&M, but it's not like that all (only a little). They've been my favorite place to shop at since I was a kid and they're literally located all over NYC. The price I paid for this outfit is so ridiculous that I still can't even believe it myself. If you're thinking $20+, you're wrong! See why I couldn't pass up on their sale? 

Now to the outfit details!

First off, the tank is pretty basic which was what I was aiming for when I first saw it. The material is rayon so it's pretty soft and lightweight which is perfect for this season. However the ruffles are made out of an airy woven fabric so there's a contrast between the two which adds simple detailing. The shoulder straps are very narrow so it can be a great tank to staple or layer with almost anything. 

Now I instantly fell in love with the skirt. Remember: anything floral or pink literally brightens my day. It's made out of the same airy woven fabric as the ruffles on the tank but don't worry, there's much more material so it's not like translucent. It's completely pleated throughout which I consider as a detail. Also the waistband is elasticized so you can pull it up to give it that "it looks like I'm wearing a dress, but I'm totally not" look. Bonus!

Now the shoes are from Missguided which is a popular online shop in the U.K. They also have a U.S./Canada version of their website where you can score free standard shipping on your purchase so of course I had to check them out. Sadly at the time of my purchase the shoes were not on sale but I thought they were the cutest retro looking shoes ever so I had to have them! They're platform sandals which I love since I hate walking on my toes. They're a bit under three inches so they're not insanely high and are actually really comfortable. I believe that the straps are faux leather and the soles sort of feel like a super thick styrofoam but the good part is...they don't feel cheap. I also love that the entire shoe is all one color which was perfect and gave it that mod look.

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it?

P.S. - H&M is currently having a sale up to 75% off and Missguided up to 50% off! I repeat...SALE! :)