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Can you believe that October has come to its last day already. It's Halloween and here we are wrapping up The Great Gatsby. Don't worry, tomorrow will be a new surprise!

I hope everyone enjoyed this month's selection! If not, I'm sure you'll enjoy the movie. I'm so hopeless when it comes to romance that I immediately knew I would love the book as much as I did the movie. Gatsby with his mysterious ways but I do wish there was a much more positive ending. Now for a couple of questions to end this month's selection.

1. Who is your favorite character?
2. Did you like/dislike Fitzgerald's writing style?
3. What did you enjoy most about the reading?

Stay tuned for November's book club selection to be announced tomorrow!



Birchbox - October 2014

Yes, it's too good to be true. I am once again a Birchbox subscriber and I couldn't be happier! I signed up pretty late this month so I didn't have a chance to participate in their sample choice options but however I was able to receive their collaborated box with the movie Laggies! Here's a peek:

This themed box is all about figuring out who you are and taking charge of your life.

This is what's included in my box this month:

And I'm not disappointed whatsoever! 

I received (from left to right) Sage + Fasten Eau de Parfum in Onward, TOCCA Crema de Mano in Bianca, Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle, and ModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara. 

Um, what an amazing box to come back to, I know that's for sure! Everything was near perfect. First off with the parfum, I love that it's a rollerball which means it will surely last a tad bit longer. The smell of grapefruit, green apple, and lemon surely lightened up my day!

Next is the hand cream. I can never have too many of these one once sizes to carry around in my backpack. I've never tried the TOCCA brand until now and I've already gotta admit that it's lovely!

Vasanti does not fail with this face cleanser. Microdermabrasion is my new favorite way to exfoliate and I'll be using every last drop.

I couldn't believe that I had the chance to try the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle once again. I received this originally in my January Birchbox at the time and fell in love with the scent more than anything. The formula is definitely still as I remember after all these months and I'm grateful to have another sample since my original one has already been long gone.

I wasn't too excited about the ModelCo mascara but I manage to still enjoy it because hey, it is mascara after all. 

I can't wait until next month and that wouldn't be for long since I ordered pretty late this month. I hope they keep up with these awesome collaborations but I think I want my samples to be a surprise this time! 

Here's everything that was included in my box to shop for as full size items in the Birchbox shop.




I received this product for review purposes

Beauty with a cause.

Did you know that eos is supporting the fight against breast cancer? Well, they are and with a special collaboration with Nicole by OPI they've created wonderful limited edition collections to make a pink statement for this cause! It's still October which is famously known as Breast Cancer Awareness month so you'll surely have the chance to find these beauties in stores but hurry while supplies last!

The first collection (pictured above) is the Breast Cancer Awareness "Pink" Pack featuring Nicole by OPI. This limited edition collection includes the top-selling eos USDA organic, 100% natural smooth sphere lip balm in "Strawberry Sorbet". I can tell you that these lip balms are no joke. They're cute, moisturizing, and all around great to have. It's packed with shea butter and jojoba oil for super soft lips.

The Nicole by OPI nail lacquer comes in a limited edition "Feeling Berry Pink Today" shade. I'm familiar with Nicole by OPI for their fun shades. Their polishes are long lasting, fast-drying, and overall has the salon quality that you want!

Now the bonus of purchasing this collection is that it will benefit a great cause! 5% of retail sales will be donated to Young Survivors Coalition to support and educate young women with breast cancer. This collection are already on shelves and will be until November! You can find it at Ulta stores or on eos' website evolutionofsmooth.com for a suggested retail price of $9.99. 

Now onto the eos 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection! This limited edition collection includes eos' smooth sphere lip balm in "Pomegranate Raspberry", "Berry Blossom" hand lotion, and a special limited edition smooth stick lip balm in "Strawberry Sorbet". You've gotta love the shades of Breast Cancer Awareness' signature pink!

The smooth stick is only available in this special collection so be sure to find yourself a pack while supplies last! I've never tried eos' hand lotion before but I wasn't so shocked when I realized how amazing it is. It has surely claimed a spot in my backpack for on the go. 

You can find this collection are major retailers like Walgreens, Ulta, Drugstore.com, and evolutionofsmooth.com. It'll also be on the shelves until November for a suggested retail price of $7.99. 100% of the net profits will be donated to breast cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Grab yourself a limited collection today! Feel good. Do good. :)



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Music Monday!

All around the globe

Of course I couldn't forget about music Monday! I hope today has been good to everyone. :)



Let the Music Take You!

I received this product for review purposes

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is in fact the cutest little vintage radio you've probably ever saw and it's made by Crosley, your go-to brand to find the coolest radios with an inexpensive price tag!

Pictured above, I'll be focusing on the Crosley Songbird (in pink)!

This little radio can be everything you'd ever want and more. It has a soft, durable carry strap that's gives off a faux leather look for carrying around your music on the go. It's battery powered (for on the go purposes) and also includes a AC adapter for indoors. The two knobs on the front have basic functions such as volume (on the left) and tune (on the right). The LCD screen lights up blue when plugged in and switched on for the radio (also when using batteries). 

For such a small thing, it sure has quite a bit of specifications that come along with it. First you've got your AM/FM alarm clock radio, digital tuner, AM/FM radio, dynamic full range speaker, portable audio ready-simply plug in your portable audio device or MP3 player, headphone jack, wood style cabinet, vinyl-wrapped, AC power adapter, and 5 AA batteries. You'd be surprised how easy it is to set up! It literally took me about five minutes to set up the time, date, and alarm.

On the bottom of the LCD screen you'll have (starting from left to right) the date, day, temperature, and time. Currently the alarm symbol (located above the time on the right) is set up and you'll also have the option to set up a snooze timer. I couldn't believe how amazing the radio works and with the help of the antenna located on the back you'll surely be able to find a great frequency that works for you in your environment. Also if you're not a big fan of radios, you can connect your iPod or MP3 player with no problem at all! My only con is that I wish the time was visibly larger to be able to see from a distance.

Overall this portable radio would make an amazing gift for someone this holiday season. Wishlist anyone? It's available currently in blue, green, pink, orange, and turquoise for only $49.95 on Crosley's website or you can find it at other retailers such as Target or Walmart! Now I do consider that a reasonably price alarm clock radio. It surely doesn't take up much space on a night table and you gotta admit that it's cute! 

Be sure to check out what else Crosley have to offer on their website this holiday season!



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


Hi everyone!

Sadly I haven't been able to blog much this week due to tons of midterms. Happily they're finally over and I can sort of move on with my life...until finals. Woo! Yesterday I had the opportunity of tagging along with my family to Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze which was a pretty good time. I've never been to Canon City, Colorado or to a pumpkin patch in general so I was excited to experience something new.

The pumpkin field was enormous with so many varieties of pumpkins. I'm not a pumpkin fan at all so of course I picked such an itty bitty pumpkin that was a just the perfect size to prop on my desk as "decor".

I had a pretty great time in the corn maze. I thought it was interesting that the maze was literally made out of the corn field and the theme apparently changes every year. It was well constructed and we actually circled some spots a couple of times but it was still fun! I can't remember how long we were in there but sadly we didn't complete it.

It was nice and shady in the field which was great because here in Colorado the weather can be very confusing. I probably would have enjoyed myself a little more if the temperature was just slightly lower and not in the 80's like it was all day yesterday. Maybe next time I'll be able to complete the maze.

Overall it was sweet to see some fresh corn still on the corn stalks. I was just imagining what they would taste like after being on a grill. Yum! I had a pretty great time and it was nice to not be on my college campus doing the usual. Now of course I'm back on campus and am prepping for tomorrow for classes. I still will enjoy what's left of my weekend and I hope you guys do too!



Music Monday!

Just like animals

Happy Monday everyone!



Love With Food - October 2014

Remember this subscription box? Can you believe it has been exactly one year since I've tried this! Neither can I! Love With Food is all about helping you discover a world of new snacks. There are three different boxes to choose from such as the "Tasting" box which comes as low as $10 per month (8+ snacks each month, donates one meal to a hungry child in America, at least 10 points each month), "Deluxe" box which comes as low as $17 per month (16-20 snacks each month, donates two meals to hungry children in America, at least 20 points each month), and the "Gluten Free" box which comes as low as $25 per month (8-12 snacks, donates two meals to hungry children in America, at least 20 points each month). All boxes include free shipping and you can cancel anytime!

This month I decided yet again to test out the "Tasting" box just in time for Halloween. This month's theme also happens to be "Monster Mash". Check it out!

Just by the looks of it, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a couple of these snacks!

As you all may know, I'm a absurd picky eater. I immediately judged the majority of the snacks by the packaging which is probably the worst thing you can do. 

Of course, the first snack I decided to devour were the Surf Sweets organic jelly beans. I'm familiar with the Surf Sweets brand so I sort of knew that this was a good choice. The jelly beans were really soft and sweet enough to be just right.

The bananinha banana bar by Nutryvitta was not what I expected. By the packaging I had no clue what it was since I've never had a banana bar before. I was very curious and decided to open it and at first I thought it was so gross. Since it was coated with cinnamon and sugar which is by far the best combination ever I gave it a shot and it was wonderful! It was soft and chewy and had a banana/plantain sort of taste. If I ever come across these in a store I will not hesitate to purchase one.

As for the rest of the snacks, they didn't seem half bad. I ended up giving them away to my roommate because I didn't know if I'd be able to enjoy them all by myself After all, sharing is caring! However, I did enjoy the variety and it's nice to try new things every once in a while. 

Overall the box is up to par and I love that Love With Food always include a couple of coupons towards some of the snacks in the box. Also if you're interested in testing out a box, you can score your first box free (just pay $2 for shipping) by clicking here! Remember you can cancel anytime if it happens to just not be your sort of taste. 



Ipsy - October 2014

Listen up everyone! Ipsy is here! Honestly, I just can't seem to work up the excitement for this post because lately I just haven't been too surprised with the glambags and the goodies. I'm hoping that this month will be a better one but I know that's not guaranteed. I was looking forward to a Halloween themed month but this month's theme happens to be "Beauty Candy", let's see what it has to offer.

By the looks of it, it seems a bit bland for my taste. I don't know why but everything stood out sort of "cheap" to me. I received only about $30 worth of products which is great in value considering the subscription only cost $10 but I felt that was still a tad bit low compared to my previous bags.

Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure
Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant 
Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer in Feeling Very Cherry
Figs & Rogue Hand Cream in Rose Berry
ModelCo VOLUMEYES Extreme Black Mascara

I immediately gave away the lip gloss due to the color. I've seriously been receiving too many nude/mauve/pink lip glosses from Ipsy that it's time to move on!

I've never heard of Épicé International and it doesn't seem like a familiar brand to anyone I know. From what I've saw around the blogosphere, it seems to be a similar brand to proactiv. I think I may give it a try and pray that it's gentle with my sensitive/combination skin.

Now I am familiar with Nicole by OPI but I really do wish Ipsy was offering a nicer fall color. I understand that Halloween is coming up and maybe that was the theme they were aiming for with this color but it's just not me. It's way too dark of a red for me to put on my nails.

The hand cream has such a cute packaging that I wasn't disappointed in it even though it's not anything too major. It has a sweet scent and the consistency is great. I surely won't forget to slip this into my bag before classes.

I'm always fond of mascaras but I really wish this one was full size since it's quite annoying to fall in love with a deluxe size sample. This one wasn't the greatest that I've received but I can surely put up with it for awhile. 

Overall I was once again introduced to new brands but as I've stated earlier, this bag was pretty bland. Hopefully Ipsy decides to step up their game soon otherwise I can't see us together for much longer. Maybe next month will be better. I can only hope!



Target Beauty Box - Fall 2014

Are you ready to indulge in the Target beauty box? I know I am! Typically once every season Target announces a new beauty box with the latest beauty products for a fascinating price. I've never had the chance to get my hands on one because I was usually late in the know and once they're out they go pretty quick. This season however, I was ready!

This box is not your ordinary beauty box subscription. With Target beauty boxes, you have to purchase them while they're available since they're technically not a subscription. The cost for this box is only $7 (plus tax) and shipping is free (allow up to two weeks for delivery)! Individually the products you'll receive are valued up to $28 so you're guaranteed your money's worth. 

Here is the reveal of the products in this season's box!

Laneige BB Cushion
L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold
L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Ruby Opera
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Fekkai Salon Professional Blow Out Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo

For $7, I cannot complain at all, especially when I was awarded two full size items, two travel size, and one sample. Most of the brands were familiar even though not very prestigious ones but it is a Target beauty box after all!

First off I appreciate that the Laneige BB cushion came in three shades plus the puff. I'm not into BB creams very much but it's nice to experiment. The hairspray was pretty fine. The smell wasn't too strong of anything particular. Not so sure about the extra hold yet but I do like the size since it's great to just throw in your bag. The lip color is amazing. It has a super soft brush and the color surely pops and I'm glad it was full size. The NYX eye pencil is also full size and I don't think I've ever tried a white eye pencil before. I'll probably use it as a eye brightener since it's really smooth but a bit too big for me to use as a liner. I absolutely love Fekkai products so it was great to see a travel size version of his hair refresher. It's not your typical dry shampoo that leaves your hair feeling stiff and gray-ish so it's prefect!

Overall I'm pleased with this beauty box and I really hope Target decides to release another for winter. For only $7 I couldn't be disappointed. There are no other variations to this box so if you're up for one hurry and grab one for yourself before they're sold out!

P.S. - There are coupons inside the box!

What do you think about the Target beauty box?



Changing the World

I received this product for review purposes

Did you know that you can have the chance to donate to charity and sort of be rewarded too? Well, you can if you decide to purchase a 1:Face watch! Each watch has it's own metric of donation to a specific cause. For instance, you purchase a watch, a donation to charity will be made, and the watch is yours! Win-win! Each watch is $40 ($99 for touchscreen) and supports a various amount of causes.

Pictured above is the 1:Face Red Cross watch. The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies. One watch equals food for three disaster victims. 

One thing that caught my eye immediately was the packaging. On the left side of the box it states "THIS IS NOT A WATCH", which I can honestly agree with because it's more than a watch, it's a chance to help others. Currently there are ten watches with different causes to choose from such as Hunger, Cancer, Aids, Water, Breast Cancer, Animals, Environment, Education, Red Cross, and the Touchscreen watch which supports all causes listed. The color varies for each cause so if you're just into a specific cause, you're still helping others just as well as if you were to choose your favorite color. 

Now onto the watch itself! The band is made out of a soft silicon structure while the screen itself is made out of tempered glass. All watches include a one year warranty and are 3ATM water resistant which means you can take the watch up to 96ft under water. The face has a mirror like effect which may be difficult for some when reading the time in sunlight. To reveal the time you can simply press the top right button (I also noticed that the two buttons on the left can also reveal the time). Direction manuals are not included in the box so if you need any additional help to set up your watch you can simply visit there website and check out the FAQ page.

The watch size seems to sport a one size fits all. It can fit my two year old sister (super tiny wrist here!), me (a little under average sized wrist), and my boyfriend (a pretty manly sized wrist if you ask me). Isn't that awesome? Now everyone in your family can have a 1:Face watch not only to sport because they're stylish but to also support a cause!

Currently 1:Face watches are available online on their website and are sold in Journeys stores. 1:Face ships to both the U.S. and international. Pick a cause and help change the lives of others today!



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Music Monday!

Chanel this, Chanel that, hell yeah

Is it me or is time seriously flying by. It's already the start of a new week and in no time at all October will be ready to come to an end. I'm not so sure if I'm ready but I do know that I'm already ready to finish up this semester. Let's just say, college hasn't be the time of my life with all of this homework and tests shoved in my face. 

On the brighter side, it's music Monday! I chose an upbeat song to finish the rest of today and I hope everyone is having a blast. What's more fun than Katy Perry blasting away? Haha, I have no clue at the moment. I hope you all are having a great Monday!



Food For Healthy Skin

I received this product for review purposes

I believe that what you put inside of your body should be just as good as what you put on top of it. It's no surprise that today I'll be featuring healthy products for your skin from Nourish Organic! Pictured above (from left to right) are the Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion and the Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Wash

First let's talk about the body lotion. This body lotion has nearly the perfect consistency. It's chemical, cruelty, and concern free! The ingredients are very minimal and contain ones such as shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and a few more. The scent "Coconut & Argan" may not be one of the most pleasant scents in the world but the moisture and the hint of hibiscus makes up for it. Let's just say this scent may not be one to use on a date night unless you absolutely love the combination of coconut, argan, and hibiscus but it would be great for going to bed or lounging around in. It's a soothing body lotion and is great for sensitive skin. It won't clog your pores and is used with all organic and natural ingredients for just $11.99!

Now the body wash may be your new favorite treat. It's also in the scent "Coconut & Argan" but for some reason it has a much more mellow smell in the shower. It's not very thick and sudsy like so I consider that a bit of a downfall because then it requires more use of the product. It's also very soothing just like the lotion so I do recommend using them together! For only $9.99 it may be a bit pricer than your go to body washes if you're into drugstore brands but do remember that these ingredients are organic, natural, and much healthier for your skin. 

Overall Nourish Organic definitely made their mark on my skin! It's also totally ok if you're not into these products. Nourish Organic has tons of products to choose from whether it's for your face or body in a various amount of amazing scents. The prices are also pretty fair so splurge away for the goodness of your skin! 



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Sample Society - October 2014

Ooh, la la. Check out the newest subscription I've came across recently and had to try! Introducing Sample Society, a monthly beauty subscription from BeautyBar.com and Allure Magazine. Each month you're guaranteed five deluxe sized beauty samples, a curated mix of skin, hair, makeup and fragrance, an Allure mini-mag with beauty sample product reviews written by Allure magazine editors, and a $10 BeautyBar.com giftcard to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month all for just $15 a month (to the U.S. only, shipping included).  

Pictured above is the mini-mag for this month which details each item included in the box. It's really helpful to look at if you're a bit skeptical about a product you received. 

Here's the first peek into this month's box and I gotta admit that I'm really excited!

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner
Bond No. 9 High Line in ChinaTown
Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara in Black
Emi-Jay Hair Ties

Shampoo and Conditioners are always handy but I was a bit disappointed when I saw the brand L'Oreal Paris. It's such a common drugstore brand that I was not expecting it to be in a classy box such as Sample Society's since they're known more for their higher end products.

The Bond No. 9 perfume sample is actually not a bad one at all. It has such a lovely warm scent that's great for this weekend. I can still smell the scent on my wrists while typing away.

I was super excited to see Estée Lauder in this box since it's not a common brand that you usually see in any reasonably priced subscription boxes. I really wish the sample size was a bit bigger but either way I can still get a couple of uses out of it. I enjoy skincare samples and since it's a nice serum I will try to make it last for sure!

This was probably the one sample that I was most happy to see in this box. I've always wanted to try Bobbi Brown's cosmetics but never really splurged on any. A deluxe size mascara was a pleasant surprise. Bobbi Brown is also uncommon in subscription boxes so this totally made my day!

The hair ties might just be a bit overrated. I'll probably pass these on to a friend or keep them on hand for hair emergencies in the future. This is technically a full size product which was nice since usually most subscriptions only let you sample one. 

Overall I love this box and I think I may just indulge in another month if my budget would let me. I received over $40 worth of products which is not bad for a $15. I love high end products so I was totally won over with seeing Estée Lauder and Bobbi Brown. If you're interested in subscribing there's a coupon (listed below) for new subscribers only. Be sure to take advantage in this since coupons are pretty unpopular for Sample Society!

5FORYOU - $5 off your first month




It's October! I think you already know what that means. October is the month popularly to be known for the color pink or further known as a representation of "Breast Cancer Awareness". Of course I'm excited because pink is my absolute favorite color in the world and it does so much good during this month. Today, in the spirit of October, I wanted to share some of my favorite everyday items that just happens to sport the color pink!

1. STEAMCREAM in Precious
4. Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

Now as crazy as it may seem, I have way more pink products that my heart desires. Some of these products may look familiar and that's because they have been featured on the blog in the past and I'm happy to still be putting them into good use. I've included links to some of the products that may be available online just in case you wanted to gather up some more info or check them out for yourselves. 

What's your favorite "pink" product?



Music Monday!

We're a thousand miles from comfort

No I did not forget about music Monday but I do apologize for the late posting! Math homework has been driving me crazy and my calculator was absolutely no help. Also I finished up the entire fifth season of Pretty Little Liars today and I cannot wait for December just to watch another episode. What am I going to do? Besides blog of course! :)

Today's song was a bit random but one that I'm familiar with only by tune. I hope you all can enjoy it and also have a fantastic Monday, at least what's left of it!



Julep - Welcome Box

For those of you who are not quite familiar with Julep, here's an opportunity to learn more and if interested, score yourself a free box (shipping excluded)! I absolutely love nail polish and Julep is a trusted nail polish subscription that I am quite familiar with. However, I typically don't participate in their subscription service mainly because of the pricey tag it comes with and I'm a college student with a limited budget.

I did want to share the contents of what came in my free welcome box for those of you who may be interested in the service. The welcome box is free but shipping is $2.99 which is quite reasonable for over $60 of goodies. The subscription itself is now $24.99 monthly (Julep increased the price from the previous $19.99 per month). 

The code I used for this box was "FREEFALL" which at the time was being advertised as a "Fall Fashion Neutrals 4-Piece gift". I gotta admit I was pleased with the box since it only costed me $2.99. However I wasn't too please with the glittery colored polishes as they're my least favorite. I'm surely going to indulge in the "Luxe Repair" skin serum for sure. I know that Julep is all about nails/cuticles so it'll be a bit different trying something out for my skin made by them.

Overall my main purpose for this post was to share some coupon codes (stated below) for free Julep boxes that I saw floating around on advertisements. I'm not too sure if they all are current and working but it's worth a shot. Grab your box and if you don't like it, you can cancel at anytime by calling customer service!

FREEBOX - Julep Maven Welcome Box
FREECITY - City Lights 4-Piece Welcome Box
FREEFALL - Fall Fashion Neutrals 4-PieceWelcome Box
SPELLBOUND - Spellbinding Beauty 4-Piece Welcome Box
FREETREATS - Spellbinding Beauty 4-Piece Welcome Box

Have you ever tried Julep?



Walmart Beauty Box - Fall 2014

Check it out! Have any of you ever heard of the new Walmart Beauty Box subscription? Well, I didn't either until about a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't believe it. I'm typically not your biggest fan of Walmart (the people of Walmart scare me just a little bit) but once I saw the words beauty + subscription + free in the same sentence I freaked! Now the subscription box is technically free but you do have to pay shipping which is just a flat rate of $5. Now let's get to the contents before I ruin the idea!

This is the Fall 2014 edition. The subscription is quarterly which means you'll be receiving a box each season (you'll also be charged for shipping for each quarter). I believe that this is the first box that has been distributed so far so check it out!

L'Oreal Paris Glossy Balm in Ginger Candy
COVERGIRL Glowing Nights Glosstinis in #LaserLight
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau De Parfum 
L'Oreal Paris YouthCode Pore Vanisher 
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 
Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo
Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Conditioner
Secret Clinical Strength Completely Clean Deodorant
Neutrogena nourishing Long Wear makeup with coupon

The Dove shampoo and conditioner is certainly not for me considering I do not have fine, flat hair. However I will be enjoying the pure care dry oil since it consists of African macadamia oil and it feels great on my hair. I was please with the Secret deodorant because it surely costs more than the subscription itself since it's full sized and will save me time and money from heading out to purchase one.

I was happy to see two more full size items which was the L'Oreal lip balm and the COVERGIRL nail polish. However I do not like the color of the nail polish. I try to stay away from very dark colors on my nails during all seasons. The Neutrogena makeup will surely be passed on to someone who wants to sample them and possibly use the coupon since I currently do not wear any foundation. The perfume sample surprisingly smells pretty good so I'll possibly use it one day. I'm a bit hesitant about the pore vanisher since I don't have a big problem with my pore size. 

Overall I was pleased with the Walmart Beauty Box subscription! Even though a couple of the products I won't be using, there was a great value of over $20 in the box and it only costs $5. Since it's only quarterly you can think of it as $20 a year. I consider this a pretty cheap way to score some drugstore brand products and for those who love beauty subscriptions. Some of them may be super useful and actually save you some money. I can't wait until Winter!

What do you think about #WalmartBeauty?



Book Club | The Great Gatsby

October already?

Whew, time really is flying. Can you believe we're already on the third month of the book club? I certainly can't. I almost feel as if we started yesterday! I really need to catch up with the times. September has been an awfully busy month and I can assure you that it's probably going to be that way every month until I'm able to set free for a summer vacation in about May/June. Woohoo! Well without further ado it's time for me to introduce to you all the book selection for this month.

The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."
I couldn't help but falling back on yet another classic. I'm a bit ashamed for not having read this book in my lifetime (however I did see the classic movie dated from 1974). I fell in love with the quote that I wrote above immediately once I heard the actress, Mia Farrow playing Daisy Buchanan say it. I can't wait to come across it again in the book. I hope you all come to like this selection. I'd also appreciate any input for the upcoming month selections!

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The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald

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