Where's Your Protection?

I received this product for review purposes.

Year-Round, Anti-Aging Protection.

Now you may know that we all need some kind of sun exposure as it's our natural and primary source of vitamin D. But did you know that most people have enough sun exposure for a lifetime before the age of 18? Shocking right?! So what are you doing to keep yourself protected from the sun's harmful rays? If you're totally clueless, it's ok, I think I know of a company that can help!

Meet COOLA - the organic suncare collection that you'll most likely need right now!  

With a lineup of the amazing COOLA SPF sprays, pictured above (on the left) is the one and only sport spf 30 unscented sunscreen spray. It's perfect for all skin types and active outdoor sports.

I can instantly say that I love this sunscreen! It's not like your average "sticky" spray. It goes on smooth and clear without a problem and also without that slightly weird sunscreen smell. P.S. - There are other scents available such as pina colada and citrus mimosa and spf levels that you can check out by clicking here. Even though it's a spray, this sunscreen still manages to hydrate your skin and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes while keeping you protected with a broad spectrum of SPF 30. 

What makes this sunscreen and the brand COOLA even better is that they use certified organic ingredients. It's not only green friendly, but it's also vegan friendly, cruelty free, and recycle friendly. Now that's just one friendly sunscreen! There are over 70%+ certified inactive organic ingredients such as organic algae extract, organic cucumber fruit extract, and even organic strawberry fruit extract. Don't get me wrong, there are still active ingredients with names that you may have a hard time being able to pronounce (I sure do!) but COOLA can guarantee you that the purpose for those ingredients is for the sunscreen itself so it's safe to use. An added bonus is that it's also infused with anti-aging oxidants!

At this rate you're probably wondering where can you locate this, how much does it cost, and how much you're getting for your buck. You can purchase the sunscreen I'm reviewing on COOLA's website by clicking here which costs $32 for a 6 fl oz can. Ok, so yeah it may sound a bit pricey but there's a cool catch. A portion of COOLA's profits are donated to cancer research. Not only are you splurging, but you're splurging for a good cause!

Another really cool product that's available by COOLA are these super convenient lotion bars such as the unscented natural hand lotion bar pictured above. These are meant for you to hydrate your hands before, during, or after your day out in the sun. The tin is ideal for easy on the go travelling and keeping your lotion bar solid at room temperature. 

At a solid state, it's super easy to just grab this bar and get moisturized. The ingredients consist of organic shea butter, organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, and vitamin E. As simple as that! Even though it's unscented, my first thought was that this lotion bar smells a bit like play-doh but once it was gently rubbed on my hands the scent faded. There are also body bars and other scents available for the lotion bars such as orange patchouli, cucumber melon, lavender chamomile, and grapefruit peppermint that you can check out by clicking here. You can purchase the lotion bar I'm reviewing on COOLA's website by clicking here which costs $12 for a .50 fl oz tin. A little surely can go a long way with this one!

Overall these are both neat products that I can genuinely recommend to anyone. Everyone needs sunscreen so I highly do recommend a sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher to be added to your beauty regime pronto. Also don't hesitate to enjoy all seasons with COOLA! :)



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