Live. Life. La Fresh.

I received this product for review purposes.

Good for skin. Good for life.

La Fresh is definitely not a brand that I'm shy of. In fact, I've been intrigued lately with their travel lite amenities that I couldn't help purchasing them ever so often through out the year. From facial cleansing to shoe shining, the options are almost endless. I was proud to be given the opportunity to review their eco-beauty line which was a new experience for me. La Fresh describes the line as "Wet wipes with conscientiousness, luscious natural ingredients, biodegradable and compostable wipes. Free from questionable ingredients. Cruelty-free. Packaged using clean, renewable solar energy. Portable, convenient and made for modern living". They had me at luscious natural ingredients. :)

In the picture above, I decided to show one of each of the samples I received. From right to left are the Good Bye Face Cleansing Wipes (which will be available starting July 1st), Oil-Free Facial Cleanser Wipes (scented), Instant Body Soother Wipes, Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes, and Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free Pads.

Now these wipes sort of reminded me a bit of the travel lite amenities but with a much more natural kick to them. For example, I went straight to the waterproof makeup remover wipes only because I don't usually believe that one wipe is enough. Typically I go through at least two wipes just to get the majority of my mascara off which is just a hassle. With this wipe, I was able to use only one sachet (which is one wipe) without harshly scrubbing at my eyes. I can say that at least 95% of my eye makeup was removed without a problem. The formula for the wipes are also moisturizing and freshly scented (which goes for all of the samples I received). No more liquid or dried out wipes for me. I absolutely love these!

Not only do these wipes really work but the packaging is also a bonus. La Fresh packages their wipes in a lightweight sachet or easy to carry pouch which makes on the go travel super easy. I'm definitely going to throw a couple of wipe sachets in my cosmetic bag for emergencies. They're so light that you'll hardly notice they're there. 

In the picture above is an example on how they're typically packaged for a bulk of 8 (minimum) portable sachets (eco-beauty line only, with the exception of the good bye face cleansing wipes). Another favorite of mine about La Fresh is that they're totally affordable! The waterproof makeup remover wipes pictured above only costs $5.99. (P.S. - They're a 2012 Prevention magazine awards winner! Voted the best makeup remover). Now some options may come with more sachets such as the nail polish remover and the oil-free facial cleanser wipes. But the good part is, they're all just $5.99 (with the exception of the Be Good skincare line, pouches and gift boxes).

I can definitely see La Fresh as being my handy go to company for wipes needed for any occasion. Especially for reasons such as being affordable, natural, and portable. I don't see what more you can ask for. They're basically perfect for anyone! At least in my opinion. Hmmm...I can't help but think what wipe idea will be introduced next. 

What do you think about La Fresh?



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