We Are Alive.

And my heart beats...

It's a rather rainy Monday here in Colorado Springs but that won't stop me from blogging. Ok, so maybe it did slow me down on another post idea that I originally had planned but don't worry, I'll definitely find the time some other time. For some weird reason it has actually just occurred to me that I've been blogging for over a year! I definitely don't want to stop even though I have in the past for other reasons. I really want to dedicate my time and effort into blogging as it's a hobby that has grown onto me for years and I love sharing my opinions and thoughts with you all. Hooray for blogging! :) 

Now the main purpose of this post is because it's music Monday! This song is one that I've been replaying for months and I truly believe that it's just absolutely beautiful. It's soft and (at most points) and definitely puts me in the mood for today. Shakira is an artist who I've loved since I was little (ok, maybe just slightly younger) and I hope you guys will too.

Have a happy Monday!