Boats, Bands, & BBQ Festival!

In case you're wondering what I'm up to...

Yesterday was Pueblo's 14th annual Boats, Bands, & BBQ Festival and I had an amazing time! There were tons of stands and trucks selling wonderful food which I sadly didn't get a chance to eat due to my vegetarianism. In fact, all I had was a wonderful funnel cake and I'm not complaining. I was also excited about the fact that I was able to scout of tons of cool places as potential hangout spots when I move there this fall for college. It's all just so exciting!

Andrew and I had tons of interest in the "boats" part of the festival. What was awesome was that we had a chance to get on these really cute paddle boats and paddle along part of the riverwalk. I would definitely want to do that again anytime! The bands all played amazing music and it seemed that everyone was truly having a great time. I figured, hey, I HAVE to blog about this!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Sunday! :)