Hi there!

Ok so I sort of lied with the title, I'm not actually physically wearing this outfit right now but I did want to share it with you all. It's Sunday, who says today has to be bland? I think that everyday should be bright and fun! I purchased this outfit at H&M about a week or so ago and just fell in love with it and decided, it's a good day for an #OOTD post.

I instantly fell in love with the tank top mostly because of the print. It's vibrant and sunny. When looking at it, I thought I saw sunflowers but maybe it's just my imagination. The one thing I don't like very much is the fit but that can just be the fit on me. It's very loose fitting which I usually love but it's so loose that it's almost impossible to wear without adjusting it very often on my scrawny shoulders and small chest. I still think it's a cute top and if I have to struggle to wear it then albeit!

Another interesting piece is the skort. Yes, I said it. Skort. If you don't know what a skort is, it's typically a combination or look of a skirt in the front but shorts in the back. Overall it's still shorts but designed to have a look of both from separate angles. I haven't worn a skort since elementary school so when I saw that this was turning into a "trend" at H&M, I had to purchase it. It has a concealed zip at the side since it's mostly polyester and doesn't stretch much and fits practically like a mini skirt but you'll be able to bend down since it's shorts! Yay for skorts!

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it?

P.S. - H&M is having an amazing sale at the moment! Check out your local store and grab yourself something cute. :)