Let's Go Pro!

Happy Friday!

I didn't know what better way to start off a Friday than by setting summer workout goals. I've been going light since I've been out of school when it comes to workouts but I'm definitely looking forward to maybe hitting the gym or going on a few jogs. Or should I say, I at least want to! Staying fit is a great thing to do especially when you're out of school like me and have another upcoming school year to look forward to. 

The bonus I believe about working out is purchasing new workout gear! My obsession with Nike has certainly taken over. Can you blame me when everything is just super cute AND comfy? I think I'm more attracted to the prints if anything but I can't help but wanting them all. 

I really wanted to share my focus on the Nike Pro Sports Bra I purchased. As crazy as this may sound, it's my first one! I've had the mindset that I didn't need a sports bra since I'm pretty small chested, but I was so jealous of all the cute prints and patterns that I couldn't help but want one so badly. So, I splurged!

Ok, so besides the cuteness, this sports bra has medium support which is great for light impact sports (walking, yoga, etc). The Dri-FIT fabric keeps sweat away so you can remain dry which is always a good thing. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large (learn more about the sizes by checking out the size chart). It has a compression fit so it's snug, but breathable. Also the racerback design is excellent for support. This sports bra is overall supportive and versatile for everyday wear! Not to also mention again, super cute. The price is a pretty reasonable one too! I purchased this one specifically which is printed for $35 which is only $5 more than the plain ones. Sadly it's currently unavailable on the Nike website but there are other prints and colors in the medium support section that you can check out by clicking here.

Now I'm even more excited to get fit. Nothing's better than motivation and cute workout clothes!

P.S. - If you wanted to learn more about the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Compression 3.0 Tights that I purchased (in the first picture) don't hesitate to click the link. (They're on sale too)!

TGIF! :)