It's a Beautiful Day!

I'm mobile blogging once again but today was a great day (besides the snowy weather). I can't believe February is already here! It seems as if New Year's was just yesterday. 

I decided to do something fun for the first day of the month. I headed over to Chapel Hills Mall where I made a visit to an art studio called Color Me Mine (of Colorado Springs). Sadly no shopping for me. I'm taking a break and saving more money by depositing into my savings account. Go me!

Color Me Mine was such a great experience. I remembered doing something similar when I was younger in my hometown New York City. You get to choose a ceramic piece that you would like to paint and get creative with it. I choose a heart (pictured above and below) since I believe February is the month of love. I absolutely love DIY projects. 

I'm no artist so I can expect my piece to look very amateur-ish when it's ready for pick up. I dedicated my piece to my relationship with my boyfriend. I'll definitely share the finished product with you guys if it's not too embarrassing. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! :)