Darby Smart To DIY For Box - February 2014

Introducing your new internet rehab, Darby Smart

This is a great box to have fun crafts to do, whether alone or with friends. There are so many projects to choose from (prices vary). I chose to review the monthly "To DIY For" box which gives you everything you need for a DIY project for only $19. Shipping is absolutely free and only available to the US. 

In my box I received four ceramic tiles, one pack of cork stickies, three alcohol inks, one alcohol blending solution, one mod podge, and a foam brush to complete my project. 

This month's project is making "Ink Blot Coasters"!

The designer of this project is Rachel Mae Smith of 52 Weeks Project.

There are step-by-step instructions/details on the back for helping you create your ink blot coasters.

I'm typically not the most creative person in the world but making these ink blot coasters made me a little proud of myself. They were super easy to make once I followed the instructions. I was really amazed by how cool the alcohol inks looked on the ceramic tiles once I applied the alcohol blending solution. Depending on the drop size, they blend really easily. Everything is up to you! If you don't like your design once it's dry (I'm assuming before you seal it) you can simply wash it off with soap and water. The project itself only took about 30 minutes (including drying time) so you won't get exhausted. 

I'm saving the other three ceramic tiles, leftover alcohol inks and whats not to finish up another time or maybe even have some friends finish it up with me. I really did enjoy this project as this isn't something I would come up with myself. Who would've thought that you can make coasters out of just ceramic tiles, cork stickies and ink?! Definitely not me.

Here's how my first ink blot coaster turned out.

This is the bottom on the ceramic tile with the cork stickies added on for placement. 

And here is my finished product once the ink dried and I sealed it with the mod podge. I love it!

Overall, this can be a great box for anyone interested in getting creative or just having fun. You can sign up for a "To DIY For" for only $19 today! The next box ships March 12th. 

P.S - If you're curious about other DIY projects, head on over to Darby Smart's website where you can check them all out.  Also Darby Smart was nice enough to let me have a custom code for my readers which means you guys are able to get $10 off a kit of your choice! Just use the code: DIY54 (Offer valid until Monday, 2/24/14, 11:59pm EST) Enjoy!

What do you think of Darby Smart?