Sock of the Month Club - February 2014

The February 2014 socks from Sock of the Month Club showed up at my door yesterday and who would've thought I'd be so excited for a pair of socks. Well, I'm usually always excited for my subscription boxes. :)

Just to let you guys know, Sock of the Month Club is a subscription service who'll deliver the "finest socks" to you once a month for only $12 ($36 for 3 months, $72 for 6 months or $132 for 12 months) to the United States and Canada. You can check out my January review here

These are my February 2014 socks! They're made to make me feel like a queen (hint: the crowns). They're also the same material as my previous January 2014 pair and are made in America so they're great quality which can be rare to find. 

Since it's winter, I love that the socks are tall so they're great for my boots. They fit well since they are sized to your feet and are stylish. I know that no one around me will have the same pair since they're unique to the Sock of the Month Club company. I genuinely love these socks and will be wearing them! The colors are so bright and I love the contrast between the blue and pink. Thank you Sock of the Month Club! My feet will definitely be toasty on this snowy day.