Happy Monday!

Hello everyone!

I know it's only Monday but I'm quite cheery today. It could be because I finally have the chance to blog without being overworked with other things to do. Who really knows but I like it (besides the fact that I may be coming down with a cold).

Warning: This post may not be your typical Monday read.

So...besides the fact that my birthday is in 2+ weeks, prom is coming up and I still haven't decided on a dress, color scheme or even shoes! I don't want to leave it off for last minute but I'm such a picky person that it's so hard for me to shop in my price range. I've never thought about renting my prom dress because I usually love to hang the dress in my closet but I really don't want to spend $$$ for a dress I'll probably only wear once. To settle that I believe I found the most convenient website called Rent The Runway

This site is just brilliant! You can score designer dresses to rent for just a fraction of the retail price. Pictured above I found a Badgley Mischka "Sequin Stardust Gown" to rent for only $70. Yes, $70! As I've probably mentioned tons of times, I love things that shine, sparkle and just stand out. This dress is literally sequined all the way down. I honestly think that this could be THE dress. I just really hope it'll be available around my prom date when I want to rent it since I'll most likely look around for a bit longer. Maybe some new arrivals will be out by then too.

Also this is a great site to use since hopefully most girls will go to magazine sponsored stores to search for prom dresses so I think there will be a better chance I won't see a double. :)

I'll definitely keep up to date if I find anything jaw-dropping. 

P.S - I know my blog is a lifestyle blog but I feel as if it's missing out on a special touch. I hope I find that soon. Any ideas are welcome. I'm always open for suggestions!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday!