I Love, LOVE!

Here is my post-Valentine's Day post! Sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday but I was so busy with tennis, and school work and then Valentine's Day all together that I really didn't have time.

Here is my finished piece from Color Me Mine (of Colorado Springs). I honestly wished I chose better color schemes and had much better artistic skills but I don't mind too much of how it turned out. There is a big difference with the before picture that you can check out here. I still love it and I'll probably just keep it in my room on my bookshelf. I'm still not sure if it's supposed to be a vase since it has a opening on the top or just something completely different. I guess I'll figure that out later.

All this week in my Food Skills & Catering class we made tons of sweets for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Everything is homemade since everyone contributes in their group/kitchen. For the first time ever I got to make biscuits (which I made heart shaped ones for the month of love) and chocolate chip cookies. They were absolutely delicious even though I didn't eat them all. They are are really satisfying!

Stay tuned for more posts and I hope everyone is having a marvelous Saturday! :)