First and very foremost, I wanna shoutout to my iPhone 8 plus for capturing these shots!

Today I just wanted to rewind to my trip to the MoMA this past Friday. Tykeah and I took advantage of the "free ticket" we received from 4pm-8pm and neither of us was expecting it to be SO crowded. We still enjoyed our experience and saw tons of artwork although we couldn't see everything. I didn't bring my camera along but my iPhone was able to handle the few shots I was able to capture without capturing people walking by.

Can I also complain about how freezing it is in New York. I don't think I planned my spring break very well considering I left 70 degrees in Colorado for barely pushing 30 degrees here. Manhattan of course feels even colder so I'm not sure how many activities I'll get in before my time is up. I'll still keep you guys posted for any fun sights I run into.