It's my Birthday!

You know what that means? I'm officially 22! 

It's also the month for spring break and this year I decided to head back to New York!!! If you've been around since the beginning of time on my blog, you'll know that my very first posts started during my summer vacation in New York before I started college so this will be a trip down memory lane and I'll try my best to keep you guys updated with things I'll be doing out there. This is kinda last minute so it also means I leave in literally two days from today.

Shoutout to my mom for picking up this awesome cake. It's confetti with the most rich cream cheese frosting I've ever had and I'm in love with it. It looks like the day is going to involve some Thai food later and hanging out.

I never really know what to do on my birthday so it always involve a go with the flow kind of day. I'll be posting again soon once I'm arranged and settled in New York so stay tuned!