My Favorites from the Spring 2016 Fashion Shows!

Chanel Spring 2016
Louis Vuitton Spring 2016
Alexander Wang Spring 2016
(Images via Vogue)

Hey everyone! It's a lovely day outside but sadly I'm stuck inside doing laundry and homework on campus. Yes, I know, pretty boring. However, I am sort of multi-tasking on social media and *happened* to stumble upon the gorgeous looks from the Spring 2016 fashion shows. If only I had the opportunity to attend one of these in real life, it would be a dream! But since that's totally not happening anytime soon I did use some of my time to browse through a lot of the looks through fashion magazine social media sites and Instagram.

I completely fell in love with Chanel's airline theme and of course because it's Chanel. I tried my best to narrow down my top four favorites from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang. Let me know what you think! I already can't wait for spring all over again.