Lush Obsession! III

This month I was able to score the bb seaweed and oatifix masks from Lush! I've been convincing myself that this is a good obsession that I've got going on so far. And now I've managed to have enough pots to bring back from a redemption of a free mask!

Out of the two, bb seaweed definitely has won my heart hands down. It has a much smoother texture, is easy to distribute on my face and soothes my skin. I personally love seaweed as a snack so it was interesting to try something new with the ingredient. 

The oatifix mask is certainly different. I, however, do not like the fact that it's a bit greasy once distributed on my face and it feels as if it takes year to rinse off. BUT, I do love the smell. For some reason it smells like banana bread possibly due to the blend of bananas as one main ingredient which kind of sort of makes me want to eat my face haha.

Sadly the prices have increased for the fresh face masks but not to the point that it'll stop me from investing because I do love what the Lush company stands for with their products so I think it's safe to say that I'll be a loyal customer!