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Hi all!

It's that time again! Yes, time is flying which I still can't decide if it's a good thing or not. Possibly. January was definitely super busy coming to the start of a new year but I'm hoping that as time moves on and summer inches closer that there will be tons of fun free time! Now without further ado, it's time for me to introduce to you all this month's book club selection. Woo!

I Think I Love You: A Novel Allison Pearson

"God probably thinks it's worth giving a sense of humor only to those of us who have to laugh at all the rubbish bits that are wrong with us."
This month I decided to aim at a an obvious theme: love. Hey, it's February after all! Let's all get mushy about the one thing that I'm sure everyone loves to feel at some point in their lives. I've gotta admit that I picked this book based on the cover. It features the color pink and the word love so I figured why not. We're all in for a surprise. I just hope it's a good one!

February Book Club Selection:
I Think I Love You: A Novel Allison Pearson

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