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Happy Sunday!

College is in like a week and a half and I'm counting down because I'm sort of really excited! I cannot wait to see my room and decorate it. Just like last Sunday, I still have tons of shopping to catch up on but not as much which is a good thing. Almost all of my necessities have been purchased and I'm hoping to at least be done with all of my shopping by the end of this week. Today I decided on another #OOTD post because it's a relaxed kind of day!

If you guessed that this is another H&M outfit, you totally guessed right. I've literally had an H&M summer haul so there are so many outfits to mix and match that I wanted to share. Above I fell in love with the t-shirt instantly because it reminds me so much of Mean Girls but in a more positive way. The t-shirt is super soft and perfect for a chill day and can be paired with anything.

Next I matched it with a silver faux leather skirt. I actually saw this outfit pieced together this way on an ad with Ashley Benson for H&M Divided a while back. I thought it was too cute so I had to have an exact copy before it was out of stock. What's better than a Sunday funday? Nothing comes to mind, haha. :)

Have a great weekend!




  1. omg i have to have that shirt for school!!!