The Beauty Authority

Shopping is a virtue and with the new season coming forth it's also a must! 

I recently made a simple purchase at one of my favorite beauty stores, Sephora of course! Since my birthday is literally in 5 days I really wanted some new nail polish appliques since I don't have much time on my hands to go to a nail salon and because I'm a beauty insider I also had the chance to receive my deluxe birthday gift.

I found some really cute TRENDTIPS from Sephora by OPI that happened to be on sale for only $6 online. They reminded me so much of the Incoco nail polish appliques I used a while back and absolutely loved. 

I chose the "Feathers" an "Floral" TRENDSTIPS to try and I'll definitely post a "review" on them when I get a chance to show you how they actually look on my nails and if they're worth it which I'm hoping they totally are.  

For 2014, Sephora's birthday gift are the deluxe minis from MAKE UP FOR EVER. This set includes the rouge artist natural lipstick and smoky extravagant mascara minis. The set is free during your birthday month so I made sure to grab mine at checkout. 

A perk for shopping at Sephora online is that you can choose 3 samples to add to your order for free! These samples are updated daily for when new ones arrive or if others are out of stock. It's great to test things out before purchasing full size products. Some of my favorite products today started out as samples so you never know what you'll find and soon love.
The idea of this post today was not to brag about my purchase, trust me! I actually have a new self-sponsored giveaway to announce that relates to Sephora. Since spring is coming up and most of us like to change or update our beauty/skincare routine I figured that a giftcard to my favorite store can help out! I managed to save up some money for my blog to host a giveaway for a $50 giftcard to Sephora. Don't worry if you don't have a Sephora nearby. You can always order online which can actually work out to be great since some items are not available in stores that are online and vice versa. 

What will you purchase with a Sephora giftcard?