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August 19, 2014

Bold, Bolder, Boldest!

Who knew that a date can start right at your grocery store?

Well it sure can with the all new Chili's at Home frozen meals!

Bellisio Foods is collaborating with Chili's Grill & Bar to bring a line of frozen single-serve entrees and multi-serve meals made for adventurous taste buds on a flavor mission. Recently, Andrew and I made a trip to our local Walmart where we found some of the goodies. I've never been to a Chili's restaurant before so we thought it'd be a cool idea having our own Chili's themed goodness right in our own comfort at home. There wasn't a huge variety to choose from at the moment at our local Walmart but we did find ones that we can enjoy and at about $3 per single-serve entree, we couldn't resist!

Pictured above I ended up purchasing the Pepper Jack Mac 'n' Cheese since I'm a vegetarian and this was the only entree that didn't include a meat serving. I'm not the biggest fan of macaroni and cheese but I do like pepper jack cheese as it's one of my favorites. Sadly since there is only one option for veggie lovers it's not as intriguing.

I was happy that the serving size was enough for me to feel satisfied. Chili's has a rate factor of bold, bolder, and boldest and this entree fell under the 'bolder' taste. I love that there were green and red peppers mixed in with this mac and cheese to give it some variety besides just pasta and cheese. I'm a girl who loves a kick when it comes to my food so I needed to add some hot sauce to my meal.

Pictured above Andrew decided to try the Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl. His meal also had a rate of "bolder" so I allowed him to do the judging for his entree as I took notes and noticed that the first thing he did was sniffed it. I thought that was kind of funny since he's a picky eater like I am. He thought it smelled a lot like a cantina bowl which I guess is not a bad sign. 

In his words, the meal sort of had a disappearing taste with a hint of spice. For that reason, the taste was boldly complimented with sriracha hot chili sauce. Without any kind of extra spice, the original taste was slightly bland but surprisingly good for a microwave dinner. He would recommend this to any Chili's lovers out there as this can compete. If you're not feeling the restaurant scene but still want a "bold new taste", you should surely give these products a try!

Overall I think these meals are something you can eat on lazy day where you just want to sit back and enjoy a great meal without all of the hard work of planning and time. These will be great to have in college especially for our budget. They're available at major retailers worldwide including Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Food Lion, H-E-B, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Schnucks, and many more!
What would you pair your Chili's At Home frozen meal with?



*This post is sponsored by Bellisio Foods*


  1. I just tried the Bacon Chicken Ranch last week and loved it!!! I would have never thought to order it when I go to Chili's as I prefer other things but it was great!

  2. YUMMY! Those both look so delicious! I know what I'm getting the next time I go shopping!

  3. I love Chili's. Not sure what I would pair this with though and had no idea that they had entrees at the grocery store. Will have to check and see what else is available because as I said I just love Chilis.

  4. Oh YUM! They both look great! I have never been to Chili's though, so I would have nothing to compare it to!

  5. The chicken fajita rice bowl looks delicious! I have a bottle of sriracha here so I might add that when I make fajita hehehe.

  6. The chicken fajita bowl looks good! I can't wait to try more.

  7. That look goods. I want to Try it out

  8. I saw these recently at the commissary and will have to try one although I'm not a fan of frozen foods.