Winter Beauty Secret #4

Never forget about your lips! 

Seriously, you'll regret it. Chapped lips are no fun, especially during these winter conditions so let's strive to overcome that. Starting with number four, a decadent lip scrub. 

During the winter, it's no joke that I'm crazy about lip products. I'd be crazy not to have at least one lip balm on me at all times! Sadly I've noticed that my lips have a tendency to strip more during the winter months which is why it's time for me to leave behind the toothbrush scrubbing strategy and go for a product that would hopefully meet my needs. This is where the Sara Happ lip scrub comes in! The scrub pictured above is in Crème Brûlée. 

This lip scrub (besides the scent) is absolutely perfect! You'll surely notice a difference in your lips after the first use. It scrubs away all of your dry, flaky skin on your lips and then leaving them soft and smooth. I really don't understand how I've been surviving without this. You can use a generous amount on your finger or even kick it up a notch by applying the scrub on a toothbrush. Lastly, all you have to do is wipe away with a tissue and your lips will thank you! By the way the packaging is perfect for gifting this beauty to all of your friends this season. 

You can score a jar of lip scrub on Sara Happ's website in a variety of scents to choose from for only $24. It's a bit on the pricier side when you think of a lip scrub but this is surely another splurge worthy item that you may not be able to recreate at home. You're welcome in advance! 

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!



Music Monday!


Happy Monday to all!



Walmart Beauty Box - Winter 2014

I feel as if I've been waiting forever for this season's Walmart Beauty box! As my only quarterly subscription, I guess this is normal haha. It's also one of the cheapest boxes I've ever subscribed to. At only $5 (the box is technically free but the shipping is a flat rate of $5) I couldn't pass it up. Now onto the contents!

I've learned that these boxes vary slightly but I'm still not so sure how it works. This is the second box that has been distributed since the subscription started so lets check it out!

Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off! Make-Up Removal Wet Cloths
NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion (with coupon)
Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream in All Light Skin Tones
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Maple Kiss
L'Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy Oil Infused Shampoo
L'Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy Oil Infused Conditioner
Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (with coupon)

I am never fond of foil packet samples but I was appreciative of the coupon since this is a great body lotion. The Jergens BB skin cream is a sample that is not for me considering it's for all light skin tones. The shampoo and conditioner samples were a much more considerate size than last seasons box which is a plus. I like that they're oil infused which is what my hair needs right now. 

The Dream Wonder powder is one I probably won't be investing in. This also came with a coupon which I'll happily pass on to any of my friends who are fans of Maybelline foundation. The Olay Fresh Effects makeup remover wipes is the only useful item for me in this box. I love the Olay Fresh Effects line and I've had the chance to try these before. They're great! The Maybelline lip color happens to be the only full size product in this box. The color is a slight dark brown which I won't take my chances with so I'll be passing it on. 

Overall the Walmart Beauty Box this season was sort of a miss. The value was a little over $10 which still exceeds my payment of only $5. The majority of the products will be passed on so this season was surely not for me. Maybe there was another variation out there that would have suited my needs better. Who knows, but all I can do is look forward to next season!



Happy Holidays!

Sample Society - December 2014

Would you look at that, the last Sample Society box of the year has shown up! This month the entire box was revealed by many bloggers across the blogosphere so I couldn't help but take a peek since my past boxes haven't been all too exciting. Well I can let you know now that this box definitely will end the year with a bang! Each month you're guaranteed 5 deluxe size samples and a $10 giftcard to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase for only $15 a month (to the US only, shipping included). 

Pictured above is the mini mag for this month detailing all of the samples included in the box. This is a great helpful guide for learning more about a specific product.

Viola! Here's the first peek into this month's box.

RGB Nail Polish in Oxblood
Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy in La Source
Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Mush
Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance
Estée Luder Advanced Night Repair Eye 

How exciting?! A full size bottle of RGB polish is definitely the charmer. Sadly I'm not too fond of dark colors for my nails but I'm sure one day I can switch it up a bit before winter is over.

I always did like lotions that came in packages similar to these. The size is small but it's enough to keep in my backpack on the go and the smell is great! I remember seeing this brand around so I think I'll grab some for gifting.

I absolutely love Butter London products (especially their polishes) and I couldn't believe this is also full size! The lippy tinted balm is interesting because it surely looks like a lipstick but it's actually quite smooth but I still don't think I'll consider it a balm. The color I received was a slight coral/nude color which doesn't look bad on my lips but I would have preferred one with a red tint. 

The luminous fluid base almost reminds me of the Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl sample I received from Birchbox a very long time ago. It's much smaller in size and also a bit more watered down but I love the shimmer. A little goes a long way with this product and when blended it looks amazing!

Last but not least the Estée Lauder Night Repair Eye is a sample that I'm grateful for but didn't exactly need in my beauty stash at the moment. However, I'm sure it'll come in handy down the line when I absolutely need an eye cream especially in these winter conditions. 

Overall this is by far one of the best boxes I've received from Sample Society since I've been a member. With a value of over $70, I couldn't be happier since the subscription only costs $15. I'm surely happy I stuck around this month but I definitely can't wait for next month!



Music Monday!

Some legends are told

I can actually remember when I was a huge Fall Out Boy back in middles school (I feel super old now). For awhile it seemed as if they went off the radar but they're back again with this hit that I can't get enough of!

For the mean time I hope you all are enjoying this song and also enjoying today. Don't let the Monday blues bring you down! :)



EXTRA EXTRA! Calling All College Students! IV

It's almost that "time" that you're probably dreading. But if you're like me, you may want to get a head start so you can continue to have a stress-free vacation before heading back to that "place". I hope you all are catching the hints here! Sadly that place, as in college is not cheap so maybe slow down on the holiday splurging! I know I'm trying to!

As a freshman that has survived fall semester,  I can agree that college is extremely expensive. My fall semester bill was enough to buy me a variety of Chanel bags and even a pair of Jimmy Choo's. How ridiculous for just a semester?! I've already dived in to my textbook list for spring and I can now say with confidence that most of the books you may end up purchasing may not be used more than twice if you're lucky. Literally, I had a couple that I've used for the first time and that was for studying for finals. Now the question is: should I charge my student account with $$$$ worth of textbooks? Coming from a student, I say no, unless you're generous. There are options out there that need to be discovered and I'll be glad to introduce you to one that I hope rings a bell. 

One word (or maybe three): CampusBookRentals

Renting your textbooks is probably not the first choice that popped into your head when you saw your college textbook list, but I can assure you that it is one that you should definitely think about! CampusBookRentals is a company popularly known for renting textbooks and they also have their even more popular perks. Here's just a few that I'll list below:
  • Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • You can highlight in your rental textbook
  • Flexible renting periods
  • CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
Now, does your college campus bookstore do all of that and possibly more? If so, please let me know what school you're attending so I can possibly request a transfer (joking!). You can even find many more perks on their website. Not only are their textbooks relatively cheap to rent, you'll also be donating to a wonderful cause in the process.

But wait, the best part of all is their new program, RentBack!

I hope I clarified that renting textbooks can surely save you a lot of money. However, with RentBack, you can save yourself even more money (yes, it's possible!). This program is a new initiative that allows you to rent the textbooks you own to other students! If you ended up like me and purchased most of your books new or used, you'll have the opportunity to make use of them (after you're finished using them of course). Is that not the greatest idea ever? You'll have the chance to double the amount of money you spent on your textbook originally than reselling them back to a retailer or local and you'll be helping another student in need for that textbook! Believe it or not, I've listed a video below about the program for you all to learn more. Now you can believe me. 

You can thank me later for saving your wallets! Now you can continue splurging for the holiday's if you haven't done so already. Please do remember that there are other options besides your college campus bookstore. Why pay more when you can pay less (and treat yourself with the savings in the process)? Chanel bags (one day, if you're on sale) here I come!



*This post is sponsored by CampusBookRentals*


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Emergency: I will be back to blogging for The New Year's (and maybe some time in between)! Currently I'm off to visit and tend to my grandmother who is very sick. Merry Christmas in advance to all!



Music Monday!

Strange things did happen here

Happy Monday to all!



Game Night with CASHFLOW!

It's Monday, and what's better than kicking back with a game night? Playing a new awesome board game called CASHFLOW. Now by the name, let's just say I'm probably not the greatest liability when it comes to money, I'm practically a shopaholic. Keywords on the word "practically". But I can handle maintaining a balance and getting a good sale for your buck that's for sure. :)

CASHFLOW was created by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", the best selling personal finance book of all time and Kim Kiyosaki, author of "It’s Rising Time".

CASHFLOW 101 teaches you how to get out of the rat race and onto the fast track, how to make your money work for you - not the other way around. CASHFLOW 101 is an educational board game that simulates real life financial strategies and situations. As a simulation, you learn valuable lessons and gain priceless insights into personal finance and investing without having to put your actual money at risk. CASHFLOW 101 is the ultimate realization of Robert Kiyosaki's vision of an interactive tool for financial education, and the fulfillment of his belief that we learn best by doing. CASHFLOW 101 is an educational board game that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time - and makes learning fun!

What makes CASHFLOW different from other financial resource games? CASHFLOW not only teaches you how to invest and acquire assets but most importantly how you behave within investing scenarios. You can test out strategies for building wealth you might never try in real life. If you're a saver, try aggressive investing. If you're a risk-taker, try slow growth. Win and learn!

What I like best about CASHFLOW is how easy it was to get a hang of it all. It's basically "monopoly on steroids". It also teaches me a thing or two about investing and managing money which is an awesome bonus. It's all fun and games and I still get to kick some butt (winning of course) and learn along the way. Honestly, I wish college was this way! 

P.S. - Want to check out this game and possibly test it out for yourself? Head on over to the Rich Dad website and use the coupon code CASHFLOW to receive 10% off at checkout!



*This post is sponsored by RichDad*

Winter Beauty Secret #3

A cleansed face and nourished skin may be enough to satisfy some but that's not all I have tips for! Just because winter's approaching doesn't mean we have to blend in with the ugly snow storms. In fact, we should do the exact opposite! Starting with number three, a fine facial spray.

I don't know about you all but I hate having raccoon eyes or a super oily face by the end of the day after wearing my makeup for hours. I've tried everything from blotting sheets to mattifying moisturizers. I know it's hard to prevent but I do plan on succeeding. My newest try you say? Evian facial spray! Yes, that is in fact made by the same brand who makes the wonderful natural mineral water.

This facial spray helps hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types (including sensitive!). My favorite use of this is for blending my makeup especially with the use of my beautyblender. By lightly moistening my beautyblender with this spray, it makes it much easier to apply and blend my makeup for a precise application. You can do this with any makeup sponge or brush. Also after my makeup has been applied, I like to seal it by misting this product on my face for a natural look. You'll surely be surprised of the difference a light mist can make to your makeup routine with this facial spray!

There are also other options ways you can use this spray. It can be added to your skincare regime, or just throughout the day as a little refreshment. You decide! The hydration is definitely worth it especially with this upcoming season coming. Don't let your skin suffer!

You can pick up a bottle of Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray online in many different sizes and prices. For example the travel size (1.7 oz) has an SRP of $7, the three-pack of travel sizes retail for $19.50, the 5 oz (pictured above) has an SRP of $12, and the professional/economy size (10 oz) has an SRP of $17.50.

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!



*This post is sponsored by Evian*

Book Club | The Overnight Socialite: A Novel

My apologies!

Yes, I know that I'm pretty late with this book club post so I'm surely going to make it up to you guys by changing the time limit for this month. I decided on not only declaring this as the December post but also I will be including it as January's. It reminds somewhat like a magazine when sometimes two months combine into one. I'm done with finals and fall semester so I'm surely going to use up my one month break time wisely (of course the blog will have a chunk of that time too). But without further ado, let's dive in!

The Overnight Socialite: A Novel Bridie Clark

"Never trust a man who spends too much time on his hair."
This month I decided to be a bit random. I was just looking through tons of books online and in bookstores and couldn't figure out what to read. I ended up grabbing this copy and figured what can possibly go wrong. As for the title, (I'm judging after all) I think this may be a quick and possibly delightful read. I won't tell until I open it up!

December/January Book Club Selection:
The Overnight Socialite: A Novel Bridie Clark

Krissy Deane x Book Club Copy:

Other Copies:
Barnes & Noble | Amazon



GlossyBox - Holiday 2014

Part of what makes the holidays so much better are the holiday themed boxes! Once upon a time I had a chance to order a limited edition GlossyBox for the first time ever! Unlike all of the subscriptions I currently have, this one is on the pricier side ($21 monthly) which is why I snagged the Holiday 2014 box because it's a one time purchase that guarantees seven full size makeup products and one deluxe size fragrance for only $40. It has a $140+ value so you surely can't go wrong with this purchase. Plus theres a preview of everything you'll receive just in case you're curious. Now let's get on to better details!

If you're not familiar with GlossyBox, I've overheard that their packaging is the best!

A dream come true! The theme for this box is "Paint the town red".

Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara Korres
TexasLiner Liquid Eye Liner Cargo
Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Wind Jouer
Lipstick in Crimson Wonderland The Lip Bar

You can never have too much mascara. I was actually going to purchase this mascara once because I've heard really positive things about it. I think this may be a new one that I'll come to love but I don't think I'll classify it as a favorite yet.

Eye liner is also another product I can't have enough of. This eyeliner however features a chubby felt tip which is different than my usual ones. I can't wait to try and master the cat eye with this one!

The Jouer lip gloss is one that has received a lot of hype especially from Birchbox. This color is a pale pink/nude which is not the greatest for my complexion but can work with some adjustments. The formula is more creamy than glossy and is indeed moisturizing.

The lipstick is a limited edition candy apple red color that I know I will love! I'm a fan of red lips so I surely won't have enough of this!

Nail Lacquer in Satin Sheets, Velvet Ropes NCLA
Loose Colour Concentrates in Smote Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Nourishing Lip Butter in Rainforest at Dawn Teadora
Reveal Calvin Klein

I love red nails almost as much as I do red lips. I've never tried NCLA polishes before but this one is awesome. It has a shimmer to it which makes the red pop even more with festivity. 

The eyeshadow is one that I believe I will be obsessed with. It's a sheer-like chocolatey pink with glimmer effects which would look great if applied lightly in my opinion. My beautyblender and I will be in awe.

You can't go wrong with lip butters especially this time of year. The Teadora lip butter leaves your lips moisturized and smelling great with its wonderful citrusy scent!

Who knew that a deluxe size sample meant half an ounce?! This is great especially since I've recently tried the sample just a month ago in one of my subscription boxes. The warm scent is great for this season so I'll surely be putting this to good use.

Included in the box was also a fold out card that describes all of the items you'll receive. You can view them all here.

Overall I loved everything in this box and honestly I wish I had ordered more to send out as gifts. I can look forward to using every product and I definitely received more than enough value than what I bargained for. Limited edition boxes don't stick around for long so get yours while you can! Also you can receive this box for free if you sign up for a 12-month subscription to GlossyBox by using the coupon code HOLIDAY.



Birchbox - December 2014

Another round of Birchbox is here! Woo! I'm super excited mainly because I had the opportunity to take part in the sample choice options but I passed it all up for what you can see above. I had to snatch up the curated box this month because everything included looked absolutely amazing. Here's a peek:

This themed box is all about getting glammed up in no time!

This is what's included in my box this month:

Not bad right?

I received (from left to right) Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré, Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in sugar, Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive (with bonus Davines Replumping Duo), Joie Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum, and RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer in RUFFIAN red. 

First up, I'm super happy about this box! The Embryolisse moisturizer is great to use as a primer. I wish the size was a tad bigger but I'm sure I'll manage to make a little go a long way.

Next up is the Cynthia Rowley lip stain. This color varies for subscribers and I really wished I received it in heartthrob since I'm all for red however this mauve-like color actually suits me well. It's really smooth and locks in moisture with a tint of color.

The Davines replumping collection is awesome. I've come to love Davines products ever since my very first Birchbox. This is great to use pre or post-blowout in my opinion. Can't go wrong with Davines.

The Joie parfum will remain a classic for me ever since I first tried it over a year ago. I still can't have enough of that wonderful citrusy-rose scent. I think one day I may have to splurge and purchase the full size bottle.

Lastly is the RUFFIAN polish. So far this is my fifth one from this brand and Birchbox itself and I love it. When I was first introduced to the brand I wasn't too pleased mainly because I received quite an ugly shade (I'll always remember that gross mossy green) but ever since the limited edition Mermaid Box, I'm in love with RUFFIAN polishes. The quality is amazing and practically completes this box, plus it's full size!

Overall I'm super satisfied and I can't wait to see what the New Year would bring in. So far I'm sure I'm going to have a great time with Birchbox once again. Bring it on!

Here's everything that was included in my box to shop for as full size items in the Birchbox shop. 



Winter Beauty Secret #2

Now I know that you have to protect your face but of course you can't forget about the rest of your body. Dry skin is definitely a no during winter and I'm here to help you overcome that. Starting with number two, a rich moisturizer. 

I think L'OCCITANE is the best when it comes to their rich moisturizers. They have such a huge variety in all kinds of scents and skincare needs. The one pictured above is the all time favorite best seller Almond Milk Concentrate

This moisturizer is rich in scent and texture. It's a like a dream come true! It's so smooth on your skin with its creamy, silky texture and powerful almond extracts. In my opinion it would be a great addition to anyone's beauty regime and to all skin types. Your skin will soften and stay hydrated for a very long time. I don't see what's not to love. Oh and the packaging, absolutely perfect!

You'll surely feel nourished throughout winter with this beauty product by your side. I'm sure of it! Soft skin here we come! You can pick up a jar on the L'OCCITANE website for $49. I like to call this product splurge worthy.

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!



Winter Beauty Secret #1

I received this product for review purposes

Winter is quickly approaching and I hope your skin is ready! If not, that's OK because I'm here to share a few secrets of my own on how I survive the harsh conditions (especially here in Colorado) with sensitive/combination skin. Starting with number one, a delicate cleanser.

If you're not familiar with the brand Acure Organics, I definitely think you should be. The last thing you need to be doing this winter is using products with crude ingredients that'll strip away your skin of its natural oils. Acure Organics strive to make the highest quality natural and organic products for your personal care. Pictured above is the Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Argan Oil + Probiotics.

This cleanser is great for dry/sensitive skin. My skin gets really dry during the winter months and with the help of the argan and pumpkin seed oil in this cleanser I don't have to worry about that. The scent may not smell like a bouquet of flowers since it's fragrance free after all but if you can't look past the natural oil-like scent then this may not be the product for you. The cleanser however doe not irritate the sensitive side to my skin. It cleanses and moisturizes all at once. Now I'd still recommend an additional moisturizer for a much better hydration after washing but besides that, this gentle, creamy cleanser will surely get the job done by keeping your skin supple this winter. You can pick up a tube on the Acure Organics website for $14.99.

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Music Monday!

You can call me obsessed

I've made it to finals week and it happens that I'll probably end up going mad by the time it's all over. Today is Andrew's birthday so of course we have to celebrate before the insanity kicks in. Happily it will be all over soon.

Now for music Monday! Ok, I cannot believe that Nick Jonas is making a comeback. What ever happened to the Jonas Brothers? I know I sure don't have a clue. However this song is actually not have bad. The tune is pretty catchy. Hope you all enjoy and have an awesome Monday!



Estilo - November 2014

I received this product for review purposes

Introducing Estilo!

This is a new subscription service for unique, handmade cards made by independent artists from all over the world delivered to your door each month for just $15 or annually for $150. Each month you'll receive up to three cards, postage stamps, premium seals. One thing that makes Estilo amazing is that they give back to great causes. This month they partnered with the MD Anderson Cancer Center for their Children's Art Project. These children make the cards themselves and the proceeds made will go to help the emotional, educational, and recreational needs of the patients. 

Here's a peek!

Happy Birthday Card Paiper Cuts

I love the vibe from this birthday card, it screams handmade which I find more personal even though it's from a printing press. Someone's birthday is always coming up so this card will sure come in handy!

Gentle Snowman Jacey (Age 11) at the MD Anderson Children's Art Project

I appreciate that the proceeds from these cards will go on to help children in need. I absolutely love this card. The snowman is adorable and I gotta admit that I'm jealous of this kid's artistic skills. Surely better than mine any day. Sadly, this card is not blank but you can still manage to inscribe your own message. Will be gladly using this for the holiday's!

Printed Card

You can't have enough of these printed blank cards. They're simple and can be used for anyone on any occasion. I love the shine that this card reflects in your hands!

Thank You Card

Thank you cards are also ones that you can never have enough of. This one however leans more on the feminine side so it's great for any best girly friends. I absolutely love the trees in the background image!

Stamps and Seals

Overall this was a great first month for Estilo! For $15 a month it would surely be worth it to find such great unique cards. Also the idea of this company giving back makes it all the better. I'm also grateful for the stamps and seals! 

If you're interested in trying out the Estilo subscription be sure to use the coupon code #ESTILO20 to save 20% at checkout.



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Nicely Noted - November 2014

I received this product for review purposes

Introducing Nicely Noted!

This subscription service will surely brighten up your day with their amazing and well constructed letterpress stationery. Nicely Noted makes sure to keep you stocked up on beautiful letterpress to keep the art of writing going. Each month you'll receive a curated collection of three letterpress cards and stamps for $20. There are also gift options starting at $40 for two months! This service is available to the U.S., Canada, European Union, Australia and Singapore. 

This month's theme is "Thanks".

Owls Well Thimble Press

This card was the first card to catch my eye instantly due to the contrasts of color. It's super cute and surely beats any thank you card I've ever picked up at Hallmark. It's a great card that can be sent to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Definitely will be mailing this one soon!

Many Thanks Odd Daughter

This card is very versatile and simple. It's cute and sophisticated enough to pass along to one of my best girlfriends on any occasion. I especially like the color because I'm a fan of anything pink of course!

Pic-A-Nic Hammer Press

This card is great because it only features a print which is simple enough to be useful for anyone. It's unique and charming. Certainly a great card to have on hand just because. 


Overall these cards were great to add to my not so huge stationery collection. I love keeping cards on hand because I hate scouring the Hallmark website last minute to find the "perfect" personalized card. Nicely Noted surely have you covered with a variety of fantastic high quality letterpress cards (plus stamps!). However it is a much pricier subscription so this may not be for everyone but it's surely worth a shot!



Disclosure: Krissy Deane receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission for payment from in exchange for referrals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Music Monday!

I know you care

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts. Finals are coming up which means I'll be busier than normal and crammed with studying for all of my classes. I'll also be having an emergency vacation in a few weeks to visit my sick grandmother so I will be quite absent from blogging this month but don't worry, I'll surely return next year with a bang. 

As for music Monday, I thought you would all enjoy this fun video Beyoncé recently uploaded to YouTube! I thought it was funny to watch her basically act like any normal person dancing around her home and being silly. Enjoy! :)



Aztec City!

Wait! Autumn is not over just yet! Paula Dorf is certainly making sure of that with her Aztec City eyeshadow palette and Lash Color in Teal. With these products, you'll surely be able to create endless combinations of looks whether flirty or professional. 

The palette includes five colors ranging from classy to nude. You can customize your look anyway you like. My favorite is the light brown (nude) color mainly because I'm not very skilled with eyeshadow and like to portray a more natural look. Swipe this on using the double ended brush and you're good to go.

What I really like about these eyeshadows is the sleek design and mirrored case they come in. It'll make a great gift for any beauty fanatic. At only $36 or the way I look at it is about $7 per color, it's not too bad in pricing. Plus the brush and mirrored case definitely tops it off!

The mascara was sort of iffy for me considering I've never used any other shade of mascara besides black. My eyelashes are black and I usually like them to always be that way. The mascara formula itself was great but the color just did not work for me. It sort of looks as if I'm wearing eyeshadow and it ran along my lashes. I, however would highly recommend this color for anyone with much lighter hair/eyelash color as it probably would be more noticeable. 

If you're feeling like you need a new addition to your makeup bag, Paula Dorf is offering all of my readers a free teal mascara with purchase! Just use the code TEAL at checkout and enjoy.



*This post is sponsored by Paula Dorf*