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August 11, 2014

Music Forever!

I'm stronger than I've been before

I'm a bit speechless today only because I literally maxed out all of my withdrawals from my savings to my credit card. To think they have a limit! Gosh! I've been up super early this morning ordering my textbook, Macbook Pro (I can't believe I dived in and ordered it!), and some necessities for college. It has definitely been a crazy week and it literally just started!

Anyways on to a much better subject. Please tell me you guys have heard this song! I'm slowly becoming an Ariana Grande fan which I guess wouldn't be such a bad thing unless you totally hate her for whatever reason. If so, I'm sorry haha! But how can you not love the tone and the rhythm of this piece. It's so soothing and great or a day like today. I wouldn't consider this one of the happiest of songs but it sure is a catchy one to sing along to. Sadly a music video isn't out yet since it's still pretty new but I recommend to listen to it before you judge!

So I'll be blogging again soon (hopefully tomorrow as I'm quite busy today) but make sure to have an amazing Monday! :)




  1. I love this song so much!!! Can't wait for her album to be out on Monday!! I listened to the little sneak peek she gave MTV and the four songs she released last week are amazing!!!

    1. I also can't wait to check out her album! :)