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Discussion | Pride and Prejudice

Hey there!

Can you believe that August has already arrived to an end? As promised, I'm wrapping up the August book club selection Pride and Prejudice today and tomorrow I'll be jumping into a new book (I believe this one will be super exciting!).

I hope that this month was a success to you all whether you chose to participate in the book club or not. I had a great time reading this classic novel and I know that we may or may not all agree on the same topics but it's nice to open up and share our thoughts together. 

Overall there were times when I dozed off reading this book because I wanted Elizabeth to get to the point already! I gotta admit that Mr. Darcy had me on my toes and aggravated me tons because he was always so sly and such a smart alec about the simplest of affairs. Well before I leap into a rant that's building up inside of me while I'm typing away, I do have a few questions for you all on the novel that I'll list below! It's a discussion after all! :)
  1. Who was your favorite character?
  2. What did you first think about the blossoming relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?
  3. Which volume (or chapter) did you enjoy the most?
Stay tuned for September's book club selection to be announced tomorrow!




  1. Is it weird to say that my favorite character is Mr. Darcy? I'm quite attracted to his mysterious ways! I don't honestly know why...