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March 30, 2015

Music Monday!

At least I'm being honest

Happy Monday to all!



March 27, 2015


So I believe I have some of the greatest news to share with you all! This week has been one with excitement for sure.

First: I'm finally a licensed driver! I know you all are probably thinking "it's about time!". Well it sure is. Moving to Colorado basically made it impossible to do anything without a car and license but those days are surely over. My love bug and I will be hitting the roads soon enough!

Second: Andrew and I have booked a vacation trip to California! I can't believe it! I've been dreaming about this day since around middle school. We'll be spending some time in Los Angeles and a few days in San Diego before (sadly) returning home. I can't wait and of course I'll be documenting my time there for you all on the blog to get a taste of what I'm up to. As of today, we have 75 days before we're there!

Lastly: My two year anniversary with Andrew is tomorrow. Honestly I feel as if it's been sort of forever but he's like my best friend and boyfriend all in fun. It's nice knowing that he'll be by my side! <3

I hope you all are having a great day!



March 26, 2015

Choose Your Karma!

Do you know what time it is?

It's music festival time!

Coachella is coming up, and for those of you who don't know much about the music festival scene, Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held in California! If you're not a festival goer, it's totally ok. We can all be excited for the warmer weather coming up because that's definitely a blast anyway. 

However, we can't start the festival season without scouting out the perfect #festivalfinds! Today I want to share with you all my must haves for the festival season, and also a convertible backpack and smartphone crossbody from Sakroots that will complete any festival inspired outfit!

Backpack: Having a backpack, especially when you're traveling whether it's to a music festival or practically anywhere is always handy. Now what goes inside of your backpack is entirely up to you! But I can say that having a cute one is definitely a pro such as the Sakroots Convertible Backpack in the songbird print (pictured above)!

Cell Phone: Going anywhere without your cell phone is a bit scary, at least for me. Having a cell phone on your person at most times is always a good idea for those just in case moments. Also it's great to have one with a camera to snap some cool photos while you're living it up!

Cell Phone Charger: If you're going to have your cell phone on you, it'll also be a smart idea to bring along a charger, specifically a portable one since I highly doubt you'll be finding an outlet for use in the middle of a venue.

Wallet: It's safe to always have some form of identification, money, and your tickets tucked away in your wallet. The Sakroots Smartphone Crossbody is an all in one masterpiece. It can hold your phone, credit cards, cash, and coins. It can also be used as a wristlet or crossbody. Whichever you prefer!

Toiletries: Whether it's chapstick, sunscreen, or deodorant, it's nice having a few pick me ups on hand if you happen to get stuck in an icky situation.

Now for the fun part! Sakroots has launched a campaign called #chooseyourkarma which supports like-minded artists and charities while encouraging you to choose who and what you want to support from their circle. For example, my convertible backpack in the songbird print supports The Harmony Project whose mission is to promote the healthy growth and development of children through the study, practice and performance of music. My smartphone crossbody in the flower power print supports the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) whose mission is to conserve butterflies and their habitats by direct action and by educating the public about how to enjoy and conserve butterflies.

Now of course I'd love to have a collection of all of the prints because what's better than having cute bags and donating to great causes? A bonus! If you're heading on over to the Sakroots website to purchase your own festival find, be sure to use the coupon code SRFESTIVALFINDS to receive a free Sakroots tumbler in the print of your choice with a purchase of $50 or more!



March 25, 2015

Birchbox - March 2015 II

Woo-hoo! My replacement Birchbox is here and I'm just as excited as I was for my first one to see what's in it! All I can do is hope that this box turns out better than the first one and that my samples are in great condition. Here's a peek:

Just like the first box, this month is all about creativity. 

This is what's included in my box this month:

Wow, this is actually not bad at all! If anything, my hopes did come true and this is surely better than my first box and there are no accidents to witness here.

I received (from left to right) Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Moisture Masque, derma e Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme SPF 15, Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up!, Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder Spray, and Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Masque Treatment.

First up is the Macadamia Natural Oil hair masque. It's surely nice to receive another hair masque to replace the original Fekkai one that I received. I honestly think that I'm going to love this one a lot better and I have more of it to use!

I'm very familiar with derma e and I always love their products. Their gentle on my skin and this day creme surely comes in handy for the warmer weather since it includes SPF which is always needed for my face.

The Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up highlighter was my ultimate favorite to receive in this box. First off I'm a die hard Benefit Cosmetics fan and I've finally used up all of my Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl highlighter so this was a great replacement. It has a lighter and more subtle champagne glow which looks great on my complexion. 

I think it's time to say that I've reached my limit on dry shampoo's. It would be nice to not receive anymore for awhile as they don't seem to do much for my hair.

The Roloxin facial treatment is new to me and I'm not sure if I want to give it a try just yet due to my sensitive skin. I don't have wrinkles (yet) but I would like to reduce the visibility of my pores. I think I'll look up some reviews on this product before I test it out.

Overall this box was awesome (thank you Birchbox!) and was a wonderful replacement for my first one. If I were to receive this box first I would have definitely been satisfied. Now I surely can't wait until next month!

Here's everything that was included in my box to shop for as full size items in the Birchbox shop.



March 23, 2015

Music Monday!

I want that red velvet

Yay! The first Monday of my one week vacation is in tact. Let's enjoy!

Happy Monday to all!



March 21, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box - Spring 2015

Sometimes I almost forget that I'm subscribed to the Walmart Beauty Box due it to it's seasonal delivery. But that's ok since it's one of my lower end boxes. At only $5 a box I can't pass it up compared to my other subscriptions. Now for the contents!

I've been informed on the blogosphere that some boxes may vary but the subscription is still quite new to the public since this is only the third box to be released. Check it out!

Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Shampoo
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Conditioner
Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (with coupon)
Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream (with coupon)
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in Ivory (with coupon)
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash in Madarin & Tiare Flower Scent
4+ Bonus Coupons (not shown)

I like to look at my Walmart Beauty Box as an essentials box because I tend to receive things that I usually can't have too much of, especially being in college. I've never heard of the Schwarzkopf brand but I have a feeling this may be great for my hair since it's quite damaged at this point. I generally use Dove body wash on an occasional basis so it's nice to have a mini bottle for travel. I can't remember the last time I've used a Neutrogena facial wash (maybe my younger teen years) but I don't object to giving the brand another try.

I wasn't able to try the Maybelline foundation since it's not my color so I'll be passing this one to someone better suited. The Rimmel London mascara was the only full size product in this box and I'm glad it's mascara! Perfume samples are usually blah in subscription boxes so I'll just put this one aside. The idea of in-shower body lotion sort of weirds me out but I also have a temptation to give it a try! Not that I need a face lift or anything but the Garnier night cream is one I probably won't be using for a while. 

Overall the Walmart Beauty Box wasn't bad this season. It definitely tops last season's box for sure. The value was a little over $13 which is alright for a $5 box. A lot of the products will be great for future travel and some passed on however I can't wait for next season!



March 17, 2015

Birchbox - March 2015

Yay! Birchbox has arrived and I'm ready to reveal my products to you all this month. Sadly I passed on the sample choice options once again this month. I really hope they turn out better in the future, lately they've been quite lame in my opinion. However how can you not fall in love with the designs for this month's boxes? I really do appreciate that Birchbox has been working hard by getting creative with the prints for the boxes besides the plain cardboard ones from my previous subscription. Anyways, onto the box itself! Here's a peek:

This month is all about creativity! I feel most creative when I'm doing shopping and coordinating outfits together which is never easy in my case. 

This is what's included in my box this month:

I had a bit of difficulty with my box this month due to the handling during shipping. One of my products burst open which sort of ruined the box but I did my best to clean everything up so I can post for you all. Of course the Birchbox customer service team was also super helpful as always and they're willing to send me another box that will match my profile but may be slightly different than the one I received so I'll make sure to post again later this month!

I received (from left to right) Fekkai PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque, Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray, Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter, Paula's Choice 
Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster, and Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney.

First up the Fekkai hair masque. Sadly this was the product that sort of opened during shipping so I don't have much of it left to use. However it had a really nice texture that was smooth so I'm sure it would have worked great for my hair.

Next up is the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. Lately I've felt like I received tons of dry shampoo samples. I honestly would prefer to wash my hair with actual shampoo and use these almost like hair sprays. I like that this one is invisible so no gross white residue is left behind!

The Jelly Pong Pong highlighter was certainly not my style. I do like highlighters but I did not enjoy the sticky gel texture and super shimmery glitter that this product gave. It sort of reminds me as starter makeup for little kids playing dress up.

I've heard of Paula's Choice before and I believe I was first introduced to the brand through Birchbox a really long time ago. I love that her products are typically great for acne prone skin and lately I've been having a horrible break out. I can't wait to give this a try.

Last but not least is the Mirenesse lip stain. This lip stain has a TON of color. It made my lips super pink. Part of me loved it and the other part thought it was a bit much. I think I'll use it and follow by a bit of blotting as recommended for a subtler look.

Overall this was not my favorite box but it had it's pros and cons. Hopefully my replacement box will be much better otherwise I can't wait for next month in hopes of an improvement!

Here's everything that was included in my box to shop for as full size items in the Birchbox shop.



March 16, 2015

Music Monday!

Ooh, I want the time of my life

Happy Monday to All!



March 13, 2015

Mobile - Birthday!

To me!!!



March 11, 2015

Sample Society - March 2015


Oh yeah, Sample Society is here! This month I was able to know about all of the contents in this box due to gossip from other bloggers. I've been getting sort of impatient lately especially when it comes to Sample Society because it can be a hit or miss sort of deal. Each month you're guaranteed five generously sized deluxe samples and a $10 giftcard to redeem on any $50 BeautyBar purchase for only $15 a month (to the US only, shipping included). 

Pictured above is the mini mag for this month featuring all of the samples in this month's box. It's generally a helpful guide for learning more about each product. 

Here's a peek into this month's box!

Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray
Juice Beauty  Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara
Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss in Tahiti

I'm super excited to see two specific items that will be considered as repeats for me but was introduced to me first through two different subscription boxes. It's a plus for me since I've already come to enjoy them. Now onto the rest of the products!

First up is the Oscar Blandi texturizing spray. This is the only product where I'm not quite specific with the brand. The spray however is light, and has a faint smell of what may came off to me as sort of lemony. I'm not so much into sprays for my hair anymore so I'll probably be saving this one for when I truly need it.

Next up is the Juice Beauty moisturizer. I was in desperate need of a moisturizer that was simple and excluded harmful ingredients so I'm grateful to have received one in this month's box. I'm quite familiar with Juice Beauty. Their products are typically so-so when it comes to my combination/sensitive skin. I'm not really in need of the "age defy" part in this moisturizer but I love that Juice Beauty products are always loaded with organic ingredients. This moisturizer takes a while to rub in because it has more of a rich creamy base but it works well and keeps my skin hydrated!

Now for the lovely Benefit Cosmetics roller lash mascara! Ever since receiving this beauty in my Birchbox last month I've been in awe. I still can't come to terms if this can replace my ultimate favorite (their one any only "They're Real" mascara!). I've noticed that it works best for curling but not so much lengthening wise for my lashes. I'm still happy to have a second one on hand since I'm not quite through with my first one. Saves me from splurging on a full size one anytime soon!

The Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm is also a repeat item for me from since I've originally received it from my Ipsy glam bag over a year ago. Can you believe that I still have it to this day? The only difference is that this one is a sample size but it's not much smaller than the full size product. I also like the sample size better because the applicator is much easier to handle and doesn't spew out too much of the product at once.

Last but not least is the Cargo Cosmetics essential lip gloss. I really wish I would have received a different color because I feel as if every time I receive a gloss or lipstick in any of my subscriptions it turns out to be a peachy nude color which is one that I don't need a lot of. It's a sheer gloss (which doesn't help the color at all) and goes on a bit creamy. It's not sticky which is always good when it comes to gloss and I'm happy that it's full size!

Overall this month's Sample Society box was not the greatest but the value however wasn't so bad considering it turned out to be over $55 worth of samples. For only $15 a month I can't quite complain but I truly hope that next month turns out much better product wise.

P.S. - Score $5 off your first month as a new subscriber with the code 5FORYOU!



March 9, 2015

Mobile - Music Monday!

I scream for...sorbet!

Woo! This Monday I'm totally excited because not only is the weather nice enough to be able to enjoy a scoop of sorbet but it's also the week of my birthday! Yes, I know I'm getting old but I think it's time for me to accept the fact. Now for the music!

Woke up an optimist 

Happy Monday to all!



March 2, 2015

Music Monday!

It's going down for real

Last week was a bit stressful so I'm hoping that this week will be slightly more relaxed if that's even possible at this point. I can't believe that my birthday is literally in 11 more days and I don't have a single plan on what to do besides eat cake of course! I think I'll be taking a quick trip home to hopefully scour the mall for some ideas and for a break of peace in my own room. Maybe I'll even come up with a birthday wishlist to share with you all. I already have a few products in mine that I know I'd love to own ASAP!

Happy Monday to all!



March 1, 2015

Book Club | Breakfast At Tiffany's


You know that I couldn't forget about this month's book club. This month I wanted to make it fun and in honor of it being my birthday month I picked out one of my favorites for you all so it'll just be a repeat for myself. I'm guaranteeing that you guys will love it because I can't see why not. I hope you're ready!

Breakfast At Tiffany's Truman Capote

"Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot."
Now I hope it wasn't quite obvious but I'm in love with this book, and the movie, and nearly all things that revolve around Breakfast At Tiffany's! Considering that I watched the movie first I was even more excited to dive right into the book when I first read it. As you can see from the above picture that my book is not in the greatest condition but that's ok! I still love it and will keep it on my bookshelf until the pages start falling out. Now I don't want to give away the store so I recommend that you grab yourself a copy and get reading!

March Book Club Selection: 
Breakfast At Tiffany's Truman Capote

Krissy Deane x Book Club Copy:

Other Copies:



Welcome March!

Woo-hoo! March is here!

The best part about March is that it's my birthday month!

Don't you just love checking your e-mail multiple times a day during your birthday month to read all the cheesy messages from companies honoring you? I do! The best part is scoring free goodies from some of my favorites.

Especially Sephora! The real MVP!