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Brand Spotlight: Skyn Iceland


Here's another brand that I thought I'd feature in the spotlight for their amazing eye gels! Skyn Iceland! They're a paraben-free natural skincare brand that is specifically formulated to treat stress related skin conditions. Pictured above is a sample of there one and only "Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels". These award winning eye gels really hits the spot when you're feeling a bit "out of it". They firm, tone, brighten, and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles in ten minutes or less. The cooling transdermal gel patch relaxes your eyes while the Icelandic glacial water does the rest. 

I also received those little note cards pictured above. On the left is a note card of tips for de-stressing your life. I really need to follow number three more often. My hands seems to always make its way to my face all the time throughout the day. The note card on the right is sort of a funny little quote/story of someone totally stressing out and their skin is taking the fall for it all. You can check out more of their products online on their website if you ever need a solution for a bummed out day!

I hope you all are having a stress-free day. Remember, tomorrow's Friday! :)




  1. This sounds refreshing. I wish I had these for this weekend coming up. I've had a LONG week!

  2. These sounds like the solution I've been looking for! My eyes are crazy puffy and I've been trying to get rid of all of that puffiness but to no avail :( I've been using this other stick gel thing (I forgot the brand) but it hasn't really been working. Have you also tried Vain Pursuits btw? They're kind of like ipsy, but for skincare, from what I've understood so far! Would love to get your opinion on what they have to offer!

    1. My eyes aren't usually puffy to an extent so I was able to tell a slight difference when using the Skyn Iceland eye gels so maybe they will be a great match for you! And I actually haven't heard of Vain Pursuits until now. Thanks for introducing them to me! I'll surely take a look into what they have to offer. :)