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August 14, 2014

Brand Spotlight: zeroUV

I hope everyone is having a fine Thursday!

Today I decided to do yet another brand spotlight post featuring a new favorite company of mine, zeroUV. I stumbled upon zeroUV a few weeks ago by complete accident. I honestly can't remember how I ended up on their website but I do know that I was intrigued by their products and by most of all, their prices!

zeroUV offers both women and men a unique collection of really cool sunglasses that are not only awesome but protective for your eyes on a bright sunny day and reasonably priced! Pictured above I decided to purchase the Oversize Baroque Swirl Arm Flower Floral sunnies. For only $10.95 AND free shipping I couldn't pass up such a great deal! I was instantly drawn to this pair mainly because of the decorative flowers. They reminded me so much of something I've recently saw in a fashion magazine and I just had to have them!

My only downfall is that the shipping was quite slow for my order. It shipped from California since the beginning of August and even though where I live in Colorado is not so far away, I felt as if I was waiting an eternity to receive my sunglasses. Sadly when they did arrive and I carefully took it out of the packaging two of my flowers broke. I'm assuming my sunnies were treated a bit roughly in transit but I'm grateful that the zeroUV customer service team is awesome and I'll be receiving a new pair soon after I return these!

I do recommend checking out zeroUV's website as I'm sure you'll find a new pair of sunnies that you'll grow to love! 




  1. those are really cute! i wish i had known about that site earlier this summer!!

  2. Omg, I love those sunnies! Can't believe they're so inexpensive, thanks for sharing... I'm most definitely going to be scouting out a few pairs for myself at that price :-) I was also wondering if you've ever reviewed Vain Pursuits? I'd love to have a second opinion!

    1. Thank you and you're welcome! I've never reviewed Vain Pursuits but I did check out the website. It looks like something I might give a try sometime in the future. :)