Hello everyone!

Winter vacation is officially over so now I'm back in school. :( Sadly this takes away time from me getting a chance to blog but I promise I won't disappear or forget about you guys!

Sooooo, today I came home and met these lovelies in my room. My mom must've seen the condition of all of my other pairs of UGGs as they experience and go through a lot. They've gotten worst especially since I moved to Colorado due to all of the snow residue and whats not. But they do hold up for a very long time. My oldest pair is at least 6 years old and is surprising in decent condition.

I love my UGGs and I think they're great for snowy days but also can be worn all year round. They keep my feet so warm and toasty. Also the colors and prints are amazing. My mom bought this pair from the '78 collection which represents their 35th anniversary in the color chestnut which has a pink polkadotted trim. 

What do you like to wear to keep your feet warm during the winter?