Per-fekt Beauty - Review

I received this product for review purposes.

Now time to change things up a bit. Beauty is a natural everyday routine that we pay attention to in our lives whether we know it our not. I'm more into natural beauty with a few touches here and there of course. Here's a product that I think you guys should take a look into and maybe you might want to possibly add this to your beauty routine.

Introducing Per-fekt Beauty!

Now this is a per-fekt product for people like me who do not have time to turn their eyebrows into model-like hollywood brows. I have bushy eyebrows that I tweeze constantly. Usually I over-tweeze which is a bad habit that I'm trying to break out of. This gel defines and combs my eyebrows smoothly. I've never used an eyebrow gel before so it was a great first time experience. It keeps every strand of hair in place which is perfekt! I chose the color nude because I'm not a huge fan of coloring in my eyebrows to make them look more "fierce" or noticeable. I would suggest if you have much thinner or light eyebrows to check out the other colors such as champagne, caramel, and expresso. 

Pro: The formula is great! And it's all natural. With glycerin to soften and moisturize your brows and antioxidants, including honey suckle flower extract and sage extract making it different than your average eyebrow gel. Much healthier too!

Con: The nude color doesn't give my brows the extra boost since it's translucent after all but I don't mind. 

You can find the Per-fekt brow perfection gel at Sephora or at for just $22. 

Now I'm so into mascara! I love making my eyes pop without adding eyeshadow or even eyeliner. I go through tons of mascara looking for the perfect one that will separate, lengthen, volumize, and etc all in stroke. 

Per-fekt beauty was really close to achieving that for me. I didn't have a problem applying their lash perfection gel. It wasn't too thick of a formula but also wasn't watery like most mascaras. The gel is supposed to be smudge-resistant, clump and flake free. It's only available in one universal shade named "flash" which basically comes off as a jet black color. The formula doesn't have bad/harmful ingredients like other leading mascara brands so it's natural and healthy for your lashes.

I can admit that the lash perfection gel did add volume but didn't lengthen or separate my lashes so much. I also had some smudging around my eyes which I hate because then it appears that I have raccoon eyes. I believe that maybe it's just me or it could be because it was my first time applying it that I didn't get a chance to "per-fekt" it. My lashes are thick and naturally curled so it's really difficult to have the perfect lash look. 

Pro: Volumizes my lashes per-fektly! Also has a great formula. 

Con: Slight smudging and not much separation or lengthening of my lashes. 

You can also find the Per-fekt lash perfection gel at Sephora or for $28.50.

Overall I had a great time reviewing these products for Perfekt Beauty. I will definitely be using them more and will add them to my daily beauty routine! I can admit that I love that they stand out differently with their ingredients. Also it's pretty easy to achieve that "per-fekt" look so it's not much of a struggle. :) 

What do you guys think about Per-fekt Beauty?

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