Graze Box Review #6

Sorry that this post is so late, I've been crammed with homework and studies. I'm always excited when my mailman drops off my latest Graze box. This box wasn't really an experience because I've tried 3 out of 4 of the snacks I received. 

My favorite nibble was once again the apple & cinnamon flapjack. This was a nibble that was included in my first box that I fell in love with. It's still great with it's sweet chewy taste. I wish this nibble would be included in all of my boxes! They're THAT amazing.

Sorry if I seem like I'm bragging but you've gotta try it to believe it. I still have FRIENDCODE's available here to receive your 1st and 5th box free. Check it out today!

Here are the nutrition facts of the treats I've received.