Personality Style Challenge

Being minimalistic doesn't mean you're boring! I love to have an edge of glamour with a classic modern style. It's what makes everything stand out!

When Brilliant Earth, an ethical diamond and engagement ring company gave me an opportunity to participate in their "Personality Style Challenge" with a group of other elite bloggers, I just had to say yes. I got to create a dream look that reflects my individual sense of style and personality which I will share with you guys today. I would never turn down an invite to express myself!

I chose to combine two different personality types and came up with a new one that I'll call "Minimal Glamour Girl". If I ever got a chance to wear this outfit, it would definitely be a dream come true.

The necklace and ring from Brilliant Earth screams "elegant style" while the earrings are a touch of "glamour". I was really attracted to this dress because of the lace. It's edgy, but because of the stripes it can be translated as a classy modern dress too. The Chanel bag was just a beauty so I had to add it to the style board. The Louboutin's I chose are a pair of classic black leather pumps, and with the signature red soles, it made it easy to throw in a pinch of red nail polish and lipstick. Mascara is a girl's best friend so I couldn't leave that out. Lancome's "Doll Lashes" is one of my favorites. A definite must! I would kill to be in this outfit right now. Maybe someday that dream will come true. I hope you guys like it!
  1. Lipstick - Dolce & Gabbana
  2. Nail Polish - Deborah Lippmann
  3. Dress - Valentino
  4. 18K White Gold Pave Eclipse Diamond Earrings - Brilliant Earth
  5. Bag - Chanel
  6. 18K White Gold Luna Ring - Brilliant Earth
  7. Pumps - Christian Louboutin
  8. Mascara - Lancome
  9. 18K White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant - Brillant Earth