Ipsy - January 2014

Hooray! My first Ipsy Glam Bag of the New Year has arrived early. This month's theme is "19 Reasons". 

This month I've received more samples than full sized items. It's still all great stuff so I'm excited. The bag value is approximately $35+ which is indeed a great value since the glam bag membership is only $10. 

proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads
skiin Soothing and Smoothing Eye Cream
(MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm

When it comes to my face, I get iffy on trying new products epecially when it's related to acne. I've seen the proactiv+ television commercials and was a bit interested to try so I guess now I'll have my chance. I remember receiving a skiin product before through Wantable and it wasn't too bad of a brand. This product however should be interesting since my eye do get puffy sometimes. I truly adore lip products and I've never heard or seen this brand before. It's interesting that Ipsy introduces me to tons of new items and I'll be happy to try this.

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner
Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in penny

Now I love anything that I can spray in my hair. This is great! I've never tried anything "wheat" like for my hair before so it was a new experience to me and my hair. I'm a fan of eyeliners so the smooth shadow creamy eye pencil is a thumbs up. The shade is also lovely. It's like a golden brown which I've never tried as an eye pencil before. Hopefully it will look great with my brown eyes. 

Overall I love that I was new to experiencing basically all of my items this month. I think I like this month way better than last month (besides the bag). Of course I'll be looking forward to next month's bag. I'm a proud glam bag subscriber!