Free Time!

I'm so excited! Tennis season is starting soon!!!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but yes, I'm a tennis player. I'm not a professional but tennis makes me a bit competitive and I also like to have fun playing. 

Last year was my first year actually playing for my school's team. I tried out with a couple of friends but didn't take it too seriously so I ended up not being much of a help to my team which I regret. :( 

This year I want to change that. I want to be more serious but also have fun. I'm going to try out once again and hopefully play in more matches and just take it as seriously as I would do my chemistry class (pretty seriously). 

Above is one of two racquets I own from Wilson. It's so hard choosing a racquet that has the right weight, grip, size, and etc. I really want a new racquet for my new season but I doubt I'll find the time to find a really good one that's not $200. I'm on a budget here! 

My first day of conditioning wasn't so bad with the exception that I was in a simple shirt and shorts in freezing weather. It's going to snow tonight! Colorado is ridiculous when it comes to weather but I'm still learning to live with it.

I just really can't wait to play! I thought I'd share that with you guys since it's another thing I'm pretty passionate about. 

By the way, I believe tennis can be fashionable! Sporty racquets, cute skirts and dresses. Hello?! The most perfect sport ever! At least in my opinion. :)