Here's another wonderful purchase I made at Birchbox by redeeming the last bit of points I had left (leaving me only to pay about $4), sadly. 

I purchased the Tweezerman folding ilashcomb ($11) because I hated the eyelash combs I owned before. They were always plastic and didn't help separating my mascara from my lashes good enough. This one from Tweezerman has gold-plated metal teeth which is easy to glide through my lashes to remove any excess mascara to have a longer and clump-free look. Also I do love the color pink and just had to get this!

Next I purchased the La Fresh travel lite antiperspirant wipes for women ($2.49) to keep in my gym bag since it's lighter and easier than walking around with my deodorant. The scent is really refreshing and I love that La Fresh makes a ton of basics in travel lite options which make them so much easier to carry around. 

I didn't get any gifts or samples with my purchase since I didn't really spend much money. This will probably be my last "Birchbox bragging" post for awhile since I barely have any points left but so far everything that I purchased was worth it and I didn't have to spend much money out of my own pocket. Talk about being on a budget! Thank you Birchbox!