Graze Box Review #5

My fifth Graze box came a while back while I was in Canada but I'm finally here to enjoy it! As usual, my siblings tend to eat everything up before I can actually savor the snacks but they were so yummy.

My favorite nibble was really hard to choose in this box. The honeycomb flapjack was amazing besides the fact I'm not the greatest chocolate fan. The tropical sundae was great, especially because of the dried mango strips. I never tried dried banana before so this was new to me. I also loved the scandinavian forest. It was great that two fruit nibbles were in my box this time and I gotta say that my overall favorite had to be the tropical sundae. I actually didn't get a chance to try the korean chili rice crackers because my brother ate them all. I'm assuming they were delicious by the way he gobbled them up.

My FRIENDCODE has currently reached the limit but my brother decided to sign up for Graze personally and allowed me to share his FRIENDCODE. So basically I have four more codes for you guys now! Remember, if you sign up using a FRIENDCODE you'll receive your 1st and 5th box free. You can click here where the code will be waiting for you and sign up!

Here are the nutrition facts of the treats I've received.