How You Can Have Self-Care Time at Home

Life can be extremely hectic at times and you might spend so much time focusing on work that you forget to look after yourself. A bit of ‘me time’ is important for your physical and mental wellbeing, so here are some things you can do to incorporate a bit of self care into your routine. 

Have a Relaxing Home Spa Session 

Why not buy some nice skin care beauty products from and have a lovely spa, pamper day. It’s nice to be able to sit back, put some luxurious feeling skin care products on your face and just relax, without a care in the world. At least for a little while anyway. 

Use Essential Oils 

Burning some natural fragrance in the form of essential oils is a great way to create a nice relaxing atmosphere. If you have a diffuser you can drop a few drops of your chosen oils along with some water and in no time the entire room will smell lovely and help you to relax. 

Read a Book 

Instead of staring at your cell phone or tablet why not pick up an actual book so you can immerse yourself into a thrilling story. It will make a nice change from looking at a screen and will provide a great distraction as you get lost into the story. You could also join an online book club so that you can share your thoughts and opinions with others that enjoy what you are reading as well.

Start a Journal
It can be quite therapeutic to write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. It allows you to release any inner stress you may be experiencing by writing down what is bothering you and the things you may need to do that week which are preventing you from sleeping well at night. Writing your thoughts down could help you assess what you need to do to prioritize your tasks as well. 

Write a To Do List 

The more organized you can be, the less likely you are to be stressed. So if you can spend 10 minutes or so each week sitting down with your diary and writing a list of all the things you need to do that week, then it might help you to be organized and prioritize your tasks accordingly. 

Get Creative 

Let your mind get creative and do an activity that requires you to concentrate as well as letting your imagination run wild. You could get a blank canvas, buy some paint and create some lovely wall art, sew or knit an item of clothing, organize your vacation photos so you can create a personalized photo album or you could upcycle some old furniture you have at home into something brand new. Even if you think you are not creative it can still be a relaxing task to have a go at. 

Cuddle Your Pet 

If you have a pet, try to spend time sitting down to have a cuddle with them. You might find that you feel instantly relaxed, having your little furry friend cuddled up in your lap as you sit on the sofa reading a book or watching tv whilst you gently stroke them. So not only do they provide great pets but they could also have positive effects on your mental health too. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal 

There might be a dish that you particularly like but do not always have time to cook if you are busy working. Why not buy all the ingredients you need for the dish and spend the evening cooking your favorite meal. It will also be a lot healthier than ordering a takeaway. 

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Finding time to have a nice relaxing evening before you head to bed can help you sleep better. You want to prepare your body for bedtime so that you can gently drift off to sleep. The better quality sleep you will get the more refreshed you will feel. Getting a good night’s sleep is good for your wellbeing and can help you concentrate on tasks better. 

Overall it doesn’t matter what you do to be able to relax as long as you find some time to yourself to recharge and relax your body and mind. You might be used to looking after everyone else in your family but try not to forget that your wellbeing matters too.