Things the Internet Made me Buy

Am I the only one who kept seeing these pretty razor ads left and right on my socials? Or is it because I'm a hairy human so I was specifically targeted haha. Regardless, I gave in mainly because I'm the kind of person who purchases disposable razors very often. I get annoyed when I'm about to shower and realize I'm out of disposables. Also, who keeps raising the price for these things??? So I figured a razor subscription was actually useful. I'll admit, it took me a long time to give in. I initially didn't want to check it out because I assumed it was overpriced but when I took my first look, I was upset I didn't give in sooner. I'll break it down for you!

Introducing Billie! A razor subscription service that gets you exactly what you need without the Pink Tax or unnecessary ingredients. If you're like me, you'd be excited that you can choose between six colors. I've been a Gillette Venus razor girl for as long as I remember. Due to my sensitive skin, I always opt for the most sensitive options they offer which was their ultra sensitive line (the light blue color) and it was also the option that included 5 blades to get a closer shave. With Billie, that's already the standard. I don't have to worry about being irritated due to their use of charcoal aloe shave soap around the 5 blades and I got to choose  super cute color, DreamPop! 

All in all, if you're interested in a starter kit, you'll receive a razor, magic holder, 2 blades for only $9 (plus free shipping)! That's typically the price I'd spend on a pack of disposables so I almost hesitated but then learned that with the subscription service, they'll deliver FOUR refill blades for $9 as often as I need whether once, twice, or three times a month. This is not a permanent commitment either, you're able to change, delay, or cancel anytime!

One thing that always bothered me when purchasing my usual disposables was never having a way to safely travel with them. I tended to toss them into a ziploc bag and called it a day which was not only unsafe but also not cute overall. With Billie, they had travel cases available to purchase (in colors that matched your razor) so of course I immediately added one to my cart along with my starter kit. That's where I got hooked and said "take all my money", it's official, I'm signed up. If that was never a worry for you, they also have shaving cream, makeup wipes, lotion, body wash, and a few other essentials at a low cost.

Ok, so not only are they actually cute, affordable, but most importantly they're functional! I'm able to get a smooth shave whether with my go-to sensitive shaving cream or even on bare wet skin. For the price, it almost feels like a steal. I definitely won't be going back to the old days of generic disposables. Btw, this is not a sponsored post, I'm literally in awe and now officially obsessed. Thank you Billie for saving me!