Chanel Sneaker Unboxing

CC me please. Yes it's ya girl here with another unboxing. Treat yourself right? (Not sure how many times I can use that as an excuse anymore). But regardless, this one is a bit more exciting than the last only because if you're into fresh kicks like me, you'll love it here. 

I can never have enough white sneakers. Seriously. I wear them all year round but especially in the summer. Although summer is slowly coming to an end, I was able to (finally) snag these babies in Las Vegas this week unexpectedly while out shopping with a friend. I can't believe I've been scouting these sneakers since 2019. If you know how exclusive CHANEL is, then you know the struggle. What's funny is, I walked into the store with the intent to make a completely different purchase and what'd you know, here we are.

You've probably seen these around in so many different colorways. Currently, my go-to was to find the most recent one listed on their website, but one of my close friends thought this was ideally my style and she's not wrong. S/O to Rymesha for making me realize that my style is boring haha. I figured if I didn't purchase these now, I'd most likely be hunting them down for another two years.

So, two years and a ton of price increases later; I did it. These sneakers are perfect for everyday errands (but make it chic) because they're actually comfy! To keep it real with you guys, I've had such horrible luck with "luxury" sneakers. They're typically the type to look good on but are the most uncomfortable pieces once they're put to use hence why you'd catch me in some AF1's on nearly every occasion despite what's in my closet. 

The suede is so luxe and the nylon is a vibe I never thought I'd go for. The white-on-white colorway is one that'll never go out of style so I'm glad I was encouraged to go this route. And once again, they're super comfy, like walk around endlessly in Target all-day comfy. BRB, plotting my next purchase.

Friendly reminder: if YOU like it; wear it, eat it, buy it, or whatever applies! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thanks for attending my ted talk.