Escape to: Port Angeles

Trying my best to keep up with this series here! I know most of you love traveling as much as I do. I've been aiming to keep you up to date at least once a month with a new location but this month was hard considering I was celebrating in Las Vegas with a friend and I didn't want to be repetitive. 

So here's a quick unplanned day trip that needs to be revisited but I thought I'd share anyway. There are so many tucked away cities to explore in Washington I can't even keep track. Living in Portland, Oregon, makes it a rather easy drive away to most of them. Port Angeles was brought up by my bf and we decided to spontaneously visit while we were weekending in Seattle. At about 2 1/2 hours away from either Seattle or Portland, the drive was doable, scenic, and worth it. 

It's a relaxing little city, not overly populated and had a ton of local shops that we stopped into. My first stop of course was the pier, while it was a bit chilly and cloudy, the view and peacefulness was worth it. There were locals walking their dogs, some crab fishing (is that what you call it?) and others being tourists amongst ourselves. I could only imagine what it looked like during the middle of summer on a nice sunny day so we'll have to come back for sure. 

Next, my bf noticed there were a ton of murals around. It seems that the city appreciate its art and it was a beautiful sight to see. Almost every corner we turned was a huge mural dedicated to something different. This one in particular caught my eye because it was squared off with a few fountains and an incline of stairs that looked over part of the downtown area. 

We couldn't help but relax and take in the calmness of the city. We learned from locals that there's quite a bit to see and do if we were planning on staying a little longer like driving out to viewpoints, booking reservations for popular restaurants, and crossing over to Canada (COVID-19 permitting). 

I'm still in awe that I live nearby such beautiful towns and I want to explore every part of it. Stay tuned for my upcoming travel post for next month, you won't want to miss it as it'll be an iconic one!