How to: Organize Your Travel Photos

After you’re done exploring a new city and getting back to the reality of life, work, and responsibilities, you want to find ways to relieve your adventures as much as possible. But, who knows how long it will be until you get to travel again, so what can you do? Reliving the experience through your photographs is a fantastic option, and it gives you the chance to share with friends and family too. If you’re someone who takes a thousand photos a day, this might feel overwhelming, so here are some tips for organizing your travel photos. 

Clear the Clutter 

While you might take hundreds and thousands of pictures on every journey, you are unlikely to want to keep all of these photos. There are always a few which are out of focus or completely miss the subject. There might even be one that is ruined by chaos in the background. You don’t want to get distracted with these photos during your organization, so go through each folder and clear out anything you don’t want to keep. Not only will this cut down the magnitude of the task, but it will also make it easier to recognize different places if the image is clear.

Back It Up 

Computers come with many different ways to back up files, so you shouldn’t ignore the potential for this when organizing your photos. That said, as advanced as smartphones are, it is not as easy to retrieve something you deleted accidentally. Therefore, you should make sure to back up all of your remaining photos on another device in case anything goes wrong. The last thing you want (and need) is to find you’ve erased an entire day’s worth of photos, so having them somewhere else just in case will take the pressure off you. 

Find the Right Storage Space
You’ll also need to think about where you are going to store your photos once they are organized. Again, there is an array of useful storage options that offer both physical and digital options. Your external (and encrypted) hard drive is ideal for the photos you don’t need to post online, whereas Amazon photos is another option that makes it easy to access your images and upload them manually or automatically. Everyone will have their preference, so consider what’s best for you. 

Rename Pictures 

Renaming pictures sounds like a mammoth task, and that’s because it is. However, it also makes it easier to group images, as well as find them when you want to quickly double-check or show someone. The default names, usually arranged by picture number and date, can make it almost impossible to find the image you want. Grouping each picture with names like Beach Day 1 or River Cruise will allow you to create folders that are easily accessible and easy to go through when you need to find a specific picture. 


It can feel like a mammoth task to go through every photo and organize it, but if you ever find yourself pining for adventure, you can always go back to these folders and reminisce on your best travel experiences.