I'm not sure if I've ever published a post like this one before but here goes nothing. I decided to document my answers to some typical questions that I receive whether it's about blogging, my life, etc. Wasn't sure if we should call this an Q&A or FAQ but don't ever hesitate to ask away. 

1. What made you decide to become a blogger?
  • Honestly I wasn't too sure what a blogger was when I first started publishing posts online. I remember starting my own Tumblr and used it as an escape from boredom and reality. I've always liked writing, even as a little kid. Photography came along the way and next thing you know, boom, I'm a blogger apparently. I love it here!
2. How do you make a living blogging?
  • Collaborations, sponsored campaigns, or any sort of paid advertising (besides the general pop up ads that you may witness on a website). 
3. How old are you?
  • 25!
4. What camera do you use?
  • Currently I fluctuate between using a Canon 7D Mark II or as of more recently the Canon G7X Mark III (the vlogging camera I was supposed to be using for YouTube, shhhhh).
5. What did you major in college?
  • Mass communications with an emphasis in journalism!
6. Do you regret going to college?
  • LOL this is a question I'm never sure on how to answer. Yes and no? Yes only refers to the financial aspect of college. If you've been around since day one, you know I started blogging before I entered which has always been something I wanted to do. I didn't realize at the time it could've been a career but I was never opposed to it. Instead I took out some loans to attend college to learn (let's be honest) next to nothing about journalism. I spoke to a counselor and was adamant about taking classes that can enhance my skills when it comes to blogging but they were a bit old school and thought that teaching me the aspects and how to write for a newspaper was more beneficial. So currently carrying some debt for that manner is one of my regrets, however, attending college as a whole, meeting new people, taking a few classes I would've never thought to take I do not regret at all!
7. What made you decide to move to Portland?
  • Honestly this was a bit of a spontaneous move. I was a bit frustrated living in Colorado, I didn't feel like I was enjoying myself as much as I should so for my boyfriend's birthday, we took a mini trip here and I didn't think I would like it as much as I do so I said hey, why not move here, what's there to lose. (PSA: this was all before the pandemic, if I could've predicted the current state of the world I would've held off on moving for awhile but honestly, it hasn't been so bad being on lockdown here!)
8. Will you ever become a YouTuber?
  • I really want to say yes, like I'm starting to believe more and more that I will, I'm just not sure as to when. I'm extremely camera shy and walking around holding a camera to my face and talking to myself in public makes me uncomfortable even thinking about it. But hey, I also used to be super nervous toting a camera around and taking pics in stores or in public for my blog and look at me now! So just hang tight, hopefully I'll overcome that fear one day. 

9. How do you create aesthetically pleasing content?

  • I'm definitely inspired by what I see on social media and I guess I sort of just have an eye for things. It may be my self diagnosed OCD or deep rooted perfectionism but I'm still working on my ability to capture those "aesthetically pleasing" shots.