Clothes You Need for the Summer

Summer is the time for clothes, friends, and fun! So if you're looking to get your hands on some new threads this summer, then read on. This blog post will be talking about what to wear in the summertime. Many people think that they can't wear a shirt without sleeves or pants but don't worry because there are plenty of things that you can still do.

Crispy White Shirt

Clothes are essential for the summer, and you should pack them accordingly. The right clothing choices can make your time outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable. For example, white is a great color choice because it reflects light better than darker colors, which will help keep you cool on hot days. 

Enjoy wearing a crisp white shirt and pair it with some cute denim shorts or a skirt from Memma for an effortlessly chic outfit. Wear your favorite sandals when you are getting ready in the morning, then throw on this comfortable dress shoe before heading out of the door. It's as easy as that! 

Flowy Maxi Dress

A flowy maxi dress is ideal for hot days in the summer. It will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking stylish!
Pair a casual maxi with sandals for everyday wear, or add heels and jewelry if it's a special occasion. The sky's the limit when it comes to what kind of style combinations you could try out this summer! 

You could also throw this on for an evening out or even as your post-gym attire. The fabric does not restrict movement, and the print looks great with flat sandals! In addition, it has long sleeves, so it's perfect for those warmer days at work when air conditioning makes you shiver just by walking in from outside.

Your Favorite Sandals

The sandals you wear don't just have to be for walking. They can also be your favorite summer shoes and are a perfect pairing with a new floral dress or maxi skirt, shorts - anything lightweight that would otherwise make you too hot in the sunlight! Of course, you'll want them to match your personality as well: there's plenty of colorful options out there if you're feeling bold and playful this season. 

Sandals are a summer staple. They're the perfect footwear for warmer days and allow your feet to breathe on hot, humid ones. You can wear them with everything from shorts to maxi dresses--and if you have a few pairs in different colors and styles, they'll be versatile enough that there's always one pair that will go with what you've got on today!

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a must-have. They go with everything, from shorts to maxi dresses and sandals. White or cream shoes also offer the ultimate versatility, so you can wear them on any occasion, whether it's casual Fridays at the office or your best friend's wedding in Mexico. 

The white canvas sneaker is easy to take anything out of the ordinary and make it more interesting. Team these sneakers with skinny jeans for a street style look, lace-up with dresses when you want to be extra girly; tuck into ankle boots for that transitional season between seasons. And while they may not be everyone's first choice this summer, there will come a time when you need them.


Shorts are a perfect summertime wardrobe essential, and they come in different lengths to match the season's varying temperatures. Your typical short length is about four inches off the ground; it works for most seasons but maybe too long during the hot months of summer where even just walking around can cause you to overheat from sweat buildup. 

Adjusting your shorts so that they hit right at or above your knee helps keep them cool on these days and makes it easy to walk without kicking up dust from any dirt underfoot. Also, for those who like their ankles exposed through wearing skirts, shorts are an excellent way of combining both fashion items into one outfit with less fabric and using two significant pieces of the summer wardrobe.

A Woven Bag

A woven bag is a perfect accessory for a summer outfit. They are very durable, and you can use them year-round, but they work incredibly well in warm weather. A woven or straw clutch will match any look from casual to sophisticated when paired with white jeans and an off-the-shoulder top. 

The different colors give you many options so you can choose something that matches your style! If you're looking for more durability than cotton provides, consider investing in thicker fabrics such as linen or canvas, which tend to have much longer wearability season after season.


In conclusion, summer clothing is a matter of personal style. One thing to note is that you should always have something that works for all occasions, and this includes outfits for going out at night or taking the kids out in cool weather.