How to: Better Explore A Totally New City

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve been loving Portland, Oregon ever since the move took place. This begs the question, however, exactly how should someone integrate within a new city, no matter if they’ve moved there for some time or they plan to spend some time there in a temporary fashion, either for work, creative inspiration, or to travel and become more experienced in that way?

Better exploring a totally new city can help you avoid being stuck or bored, and it can help you more easily understand the local culture, the places you just have to visit, and how to get out of the tourist traps to see the real value of a place lying underneath. It’s easy to come up with a range of noble and higher-purpose reasons as to why this is important, but perhaps the most important one to think about is that this effort is just a great deal of fun to pursue.

That can be good enough. In this post, at least, we’ll help you get there with some awesome exploring techniques:

Rent Or Lease A Vehicle

It can be a great idea to rent or lease a vehicle you can use to explore the city at your own pace. This is where Vauxhall Motability can come in, helping you more readily keep a vehicle you wish to use for the mid to long term, allowing you to remain confident in exploring this area while also semi-settling in if that’s the pursuit you’re going for. In this way, you will have the best mode of transports while also saving money in the long term.

Speak To The Locals

If you really wish to get the proper lay of the land when experiencing a place and its culture, it’s a great idea to speak to the locals. This might involve chatting to cafe workers at either end of the city when they’re on a quiet shift, or speaking to people on the Reddit page for a certain city, or simply speaking to your colleagues about where is best to eat, or visit, or spend time. Over time you’ll accrue a list of bonafide opportunities to help you truly understand this new city and integrate with its culture.

Attend Events

While events may be limited right now, as they open up, taking the time to get out of your comfort zone while trying to see what’s on offer can be a great help. Seeing the theatre scene, supporting restaurant-hosted events, and most importantly, visiting events unique to the life of your city can be tremendously helpful in getting you involved, active, and appreciative surrounding the city you’re exploring. This is how you really understand the unique importance of a place, without having to see that through your own personal lens as a default. 

With this advice, we hope you can better explore a totally new city with confidence. This is not only educational, but a great amount of fun.